Running out of ideas

Find a song that you like or that inspires you? Post it here.
razordead wrote: Did you get a message saying it wasn't available in your country, or something? I'll find you some Hypnoskull to check out!
Not sure, it just says "not available".
I usually listen to NoCopyrightSong (NCS) there are a lot of those so...

These are the ones I like more

The last two links are songs that I think you may like much...
When I face writers block, I do something silly, like
Then take a sabbatical from music, then the ideas start flowing.
Grey Walls wrote:Running out of ideas
but I am having serious problems with the lead melodies. I can rarely ever come up with a good lead sequence,
One good way I deal with that problem, is to open, one of your best synth sounds, and just start pressing keys.
Don't think, just press some keys and if you hear something cool, then go with the flow. 8-)
Grey Walls wrote:So, I started using lmms quite some time ago. As fate would have it, though I am no electronic/dubstep/drum and bass music fan. I'm a metalhead. And while I listened to some tracks that I could get some great inspiration from, my musical taste has evolved and now I am listening to some extremely technical stuff like this (I suggest using headphones to listen to this. And lower your volume just a tiny bit.):

Try imitating stuff like that on lmms. Or even better, try understanding what those guys are actually playing! So, here I am, asking for suggestions on some electronic music to get some ideas from. Just keep in mind that I hate light-hearted or too emotional stuff. Something heavy or really atmospheric should work, though.

And thank you for taking some time to even read this post :).
I know what you mean. It's hard being both a digital producer AND a metalhead. Guitars are instruments that you can only really approximate with synths.

Ever listen to ladyscraper? He's like breakbeat meets metal.

So, recently I've been trying to pump up my jams by learning some of that complexity. Like learning the breakdown parts of songs like these: (16th note triplets...). I slow the speed of the material down, and get the drums down. I basically replicate the breakdown.

So I mean, there's one option. Here's another

This guy's beats gave me some foundation.

Idk man, for me, the challenges are making songs that are over a minute (I make cybergrind, or whatever it's called these days) and getting good mixes. Long term I want to start my own "little" studio and record bands. It's hard altogether when you're in a league of your own as far as music goes.

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