Programming the Triple Oscillator

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With basslines, leads or pads, you have to know how to work the fine tuning and other knobs to make the sound you want. The Triple Oscillator might sound boring at first but it's so versatile that you might not even need to use any VST plugins.

One thing you have to do after choosing the wave types you want, is to work the coarse tuning if some of the harmonics seem too high or low for what you want. This will make it compete less with the other instruments. Another very important thing to remember is to give your oscillators some fine detuning, which adds some natural variation to their sounds. It's sort of like the human voice - our voices are not perfectly in tune, and we all have our own slight harmonic variances. It's what makes our voices all sound different even when we sing on key. This slight detuning is reminiscent of a chord, and it will make a weak synth sound fatter and more full. Even the thinner leads may need some detune, as it gives them personality.

Usually it's best to just tweak the fine tuning a little bit - too much may be as bad as too little.

Also you should experiment with the envelopes for amplitude(loudness) and cutoff(cutting out harmonics of certain frequencies within the sound). This will shape the sound, and you will see a representation of the amplitude and cutoff at the top. If the attack number is high, it will make the sound more gradual, and hold determines how long the note will stay at its maximum volume while pressed. Sustain has a similar function, and decay and release both determine whether a note will end gradually or suddenly.

Use the envelopes and the lof(Low Frequency Oscillator) to work the cutoff, so you only get the sounds you want. Then, go to the FX part of the instrument to put in a few effects plugins. Play around with the EQ(my favourite is the TAP version) and with reverb and delay. The key is to keep the synths from competing with the drums and with each other.
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