Serum 1.21b4(latest) works with LMMS (mostly) Ubuntu 16.04

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I've been able to successfully use the latest Serum version within LMMS with only a few minor hiccups. Caveats aside, it works perfectly and as expected.

Integration of serum can be accomplished by the following steps:
  • Run winecfg, under Applications tab, set windows version to Windows 10, and under Libraries tab, add "d2d1" to the overrides list, click edit, and disable d2d1.
  • Log into and download Serum 1.21b4
  • Import plugin via Vestige.
  • When prompted, enter serial number, and hit OK.
This is where it gets goofy, the serial prompt doesn't disappear, but if you spam left-click in the top right corner near/on the master volume knob, eventually the serial window will disappear. A similar solution is used in FL Studio through wine, where the window is forced to re-draw.

Clicking the preset list in the top right corner near the master volume knob freezes and crashed the remote vst host.

The stable solution:
Menu > Load Preset > Load presets via wine's explorer browser instead of using Serum's built in browser

The not-so-stable solution:
A workaround is clicking Menu (right next to master volume knob in Serum), then "Rescan folders on disk". Wait 10-20 seconds, and then the preset list will work fine most of the time, though it could potentially crash if left idle.


The problem with VSTs that needs registration was reported just recently.
It has a fix up for review and will most likely be sorted out in lmms-1.2.0 .

Edit: I moved this topic to Tutorials.

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