We all know that different people have different voices. An EQ can help you make your voice stand out and sound better. How to do this?

Well, this is not complicated at all:

1. Record yourself.
2. Load the sample in LMMS
3. Go to the LMMS Mixer > Add Effect > Spectrum Analyzer
4. Play the song and open the Controls of the Spectrum Analyser.
5. You can now see the exact range of your vocals
6. With this information open Mixer again > Add effect > Choose your favorite EQ
7. Turn down the frequencies that do not appear much in the Spectrum Analyser and up those that do
8. You should now see that when you play the song, you are amplified and sound way better!

This works with Graphic EQ-s and with more than just LMMS, but doing everything in LMMS is much more straight-forward. Thank you a lot!