Solving No sound/Distorted sound problem

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Thanks. Don't quite recall the slight differences for my computer, aside from there not being a "sound 3" but followed your directions and have a nice tone instead of the muddy distortion. :D
This worked for me on my Windows 7 computer. I had 2 sound tabs related to 2 audio output devices on my computer. I just selected sound 1 which was associated with my actual sound card. Essentially you are putting in the name of the audio device driver listed in the right window of the dxdiag window. Once I did that and restarted LMMS, I had sound!! Too bad this is not explained better in the wiki or in the audio input window. I spent a half hour trying to figure out why I wasn't getting any sound.
Alot of people should be able to see this important info. That's why I'm posting a comment here. So it'll update to the top of the page, so everyone can see it. :D

Thanks again for this info Darkill. I mean it. :mrgreen:

Here it is sketchman3. I hope this helps you. :mrgreen:
Thanks, brandy. lol. You are a cool person, haha. :D
I Hope you enjoyed this post and it answered all of your questions nickster558. :D
See Ya! :mrgreen:
Question: So I'm using Linux and i was able to find my driver by using lspci -v it came up with lots of info

01:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc RV635 Audio device [Radeon HD 3600 Series]
Subsystem: Dell Device 0272
Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 48
Memory at cfeec000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable)
Capabilities: <access denied>
Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel

Anyway i tried Radeon HD 3600 Series and snd_hda_intel but what ever i put into there never seems to stick. Like i open up edit and type in the name, and then i go back into that menue and it wont change. When i open LMMS it also brings me to this settings page and i enter the name in there, but it doesn't stay. Anyway what name should i use the driver or the name of the card? And how to i get it to stay like that?

I can play music so the card is working...
hi, I just downloaded the program, and I'm getting no sound at all. I've tried the steps you recommended since I'm using windows8, my dirver is labeled as stwrt64.sys

I tried entering the program name with and without the .sys not sure if it matters, but I'm still out of luck. Any suggestions?
Hi dudes! :D

First off Mr. One-man-sitting and mixgrinder.
This is a "Tutorials Section." Not a "Troubleshooting Section."

If you're having problems in LMMS, post you Lmms Problems in the "Troubleshooting Section."
The Tutorials Section is where Lmms Users, post their Lmms Tutorial info, or other types of Lmms Music related info.
It's not a "Trouble shooting," zone. Lol!

Posting "Troubleshooting," questions like that in here, will "clutter," the Lmms Tutorials Section,
and not keep it organised. Lol! :lol:
Hope you guy's understand. Lol!

Anyways I shall try to help you both.
First off, I'm not a super expert. But it could be caused by these things below.....................

1) Make sure SDL is selected also. Do you guy's have SDL selected also? If not. That "may" be the cause of the problem.

2)You may have odd characters such as # or ^, or * etc. in your Menu's path folder settings.
Most of the times, these "characters," can cause LMMS to do all sorts of "unexpeected things."
Only slash signs should be in the Folder path settings. No other characters.

If you have these weird characters in your LMMS settings folder paths.
I suggest you guy's remove them first.
Press OKAY or Save, then close, then restart LMMS.

Then go back to the settings again, put SDL and the audio device name etc. press OKAY or SAVE. Close LMMS, then restart LMMS. Hopefully this works.
Thank you SOOO much! :D I was really getting frustrated with LMMS, and had even got a new computer! When I realized it still didn't work, I was about to give up. THank you so much once again for the fix! This should be linked up to the download site! :lol:
Thank you, but I needed to use the sound 1 tab instead, because I don't have a sound 3 tab. :lol: 8-) Definitely worth the 2-3 minutes.

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