I'm working on a new series for beginners on how to use LMMS

Write guides and how-tos about LMMS for other members.
This is probably useless to most of you here, but if you know a few buddies who want to get into production, you can send this to them. This is in a sort of short, maybe comedic style, trying to deliver bite-sized chunks of information quickly while keeping it relatively fun. I'm presently releasing at once a week due to MANY bottlenecks I'm facing, but that may change as time goes on.

Here's a link to the playlist where you can see all the episodes I have released so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... CTxi0KQYiR

If you're on Reddit, I post on r/lmms every time a new episode is out, and I am way more active there, so all suggestions, compliments (if any), hate mail, etc would be replied to quicker over there.

All feedback is hugely appreciated, as I'm currently early on in the series and anything you think to be bad can be fixed early on rather than later. All support is also hugely appreciated, by helping me with suggestions, sharing this with someone you think could make use of it or even just watching it in the first place ;)


P.S.: I live on a noisy street and don't have an amazing mic, so the voice recordings may have some noise or artefacts, though the music should mask it off pretty well. Hope that's not an inconvinience.
Hello AK47,

today I started with your tutorial on Youtube, seems very helpful. But can you tell me, how I can see, if I have done the installation of the 4 first vst-instruments right you recommended? When I start LMMS I can't find them in the instrumentsfolder in the left column.


Ok, the problem is solved: I didn't know, that the VST-plugins can be find by VeSTige, now I've got them.
Hey, we've already resolved this over email so I think that I don't need to re-explain. However in case someone else stumbles upon this, the VSTs are not supposed to appear in the instruments column, they are to be loaded using Vestige. I'm going to explain this in detail in a future episode, but just in case anyone had the same issue, here's what I had to say.
not bad
LMMS is a great program for beginners to start making beats and produce music. It is free and professional. However, it is not that intuitive. There is a small learning curve.