Splitting midi tracks into segments

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I've still not found a way to split a midi track into segments within LMMS.

However, I have found a workaround, which might help some people.

It goes like this.

1. Export one or more Midi tracks as a new Midi file. I'm not sure if it's only possible to export just a single track - didn't work when I tried - but never mind - the work around still works.

2. Open the new Midi file in Musescore. If there is more than one track shown as a line in the score, use the Parts option to separate out the track line to split or edit, so that eventually only one part or track line is shown.

3. If you want you can make edits or corrections directly in MuseScore. If you just want to split a Midi track into segments, then you need to insert empty bars at the split points. You'll need to note the bar numbers, or otherwise keep track of those split points.

4. Export the MuseScore file again as Midi to get a a second midi file.

5. Import that Midi file, and the result should be a track with separate segments. These may need to be pushed back together within LMMS, because the extra bars will have inserted a second or two delay at each split point.

This is somewhat of a kludge - but I have tested it, and it works.

If anyone has a really long track which they can't edit easily in Piano Roll this might give them a way to manage this.

If anyone finds or can explain a way to do these segment splits directly in LMMS I'd be very glad to know of that.
I did another search today, and found that this was requested as a feature as far back as 2014.


I don't particularly want to do grave digging up old posts, but this is something which would be really useful.

Quite by chance I'm currently working on a short - rather dirge like - piece with several instruments.
It started with piano notation in MuseScore, but now exists in Midi form and in LMMS projects and features several instruments. I am trying to find a combination of instruments which works.

Obviously I can revert back to MuseScore, which was a suggestion I made earlier, but listening to it in LMMS it seems to me that one of the tracks could easily be rejigged for two or three cellos (or other instruments). By doing that spatial and other elements could be introduced. All that is really needed is to be able to split the current cello track, and copy it to other tracks, allowing each to be separately controlled for Pan and volume - or other effects.

I believe this is very easy to do in other DAWs, such as Logic, Reaper, Garageband, so is there a major problem in implementing this in LMMS - or have I just not found out how to do this yet in LMMS?

Are there perhaps some arcane instructions lurking which will enable me to do this? Hoping!