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There are many tactics that can be used to come up with a hit song.You can use The Strong Words Approach.A song like "I Want To Know What Love Is" By Foreigner had deep strong lyrics that everyone in love or yet to find love could identify with.However the strong lyrics approach is for people who know what they are doing because sometimes, a strong lyric is not enough.There are more tactics here
1. Well start with a tempo of 100 BPM. [00:03]
2. Now, make a pluck rhythm using the exact same notes and progression from your piano. [00:16]
3. Every hit pop song needs a clock fx. [01:18]
4. For the build up, add some militar like drums xd. [01:27]
5. For the drop, use some vocal slices. [01:39]
6. Use the same lead to add a brass. [01:49]
7. Do some vocal magic using vocal chops. [02:11]
How to come up wit a hit song is when u dont put religious or political things, fallacy laden ideologies on the title of the songs :lol:
Hit songs can be manufactured by using age old tactics, see this thread i started here about the KLF,

More to the point, a manual they wrote lays out how they created their hits tracks, ... TheEasyWay

All using formula that countless songs we know over the decades have used from Elvis to the Beatles and Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

what you wont want to hear if you read the manual, it becomes apparent early on, if you are serious about music, you will have to forget all your artistic drive at creation to achieve your number one, you will have to sell out to the industry and the formula if your aim is a number one hit.
How to write a hit song:
  • 1) The only acceptable chord progression is I-V-vi-IV. If you're really feeling cheeky, you might think about switching the V and vi. Nothing else is acceptable.
  • 2) Corollary to 1): Forget the III, or dim. There's also no room for the dominant or sus, much less an add9. This isn't the 70's and 80's anymore. You don't want your hit to sound too dissimilar from the last one now, do you?
    The only exception is Nile Rogers; he can still pull it off.
  • 3) You need that hook. Spend most of your producing time working on it.
  • 4) Don't get too fancy with the bass. In fact, simple regurgitation of the root notes of the chords an octave down is really all you need.
  • 5) If you're a male vocalist you must sing in your falsetto, at least during the choruses, but more is always better. If you're a female vocalist, only use the very top and bottom of your range.
  • 6) Get people to sing along! Incorporate lines that everybody knows, such as counting numbers, so they can sing along even on the very first listen. Sure it's boring, but it's familiar, and familiar is comforting. And comforting sells.
vortexsupernova wrote:
Sat Jul 11, 2020 6:13 pm
How to come up wit a hit song is when u dont put religious or political things, fallacy laden ideologies on the title of the songs :lol:
And another thing from "the manual" should be mentioned here, i think. Actually it is THE one thing that really stopped me from following "the manual" and beeing Nr. 1 in the single charts. It states that you have to listen to whats on heavy rotation on the radiostations. I turned the radio on. I tried. I really did....

... after the 3rd day of listening to the same music i started to develop the first symptoms of a depression.

.-... after 4 days, i was so down, i was drowining and negative emotions, because all that whiny, soft, stuff which was like advertisment for social contact and love and other stuff which one should avoid, all this theatralic tragedy packed in notes...

it was simply to much. i changed the station.... find out, they play the same stuff, just in a different order and their stations jingle is a different one...
eventually i turned the radio off and said to myself: "no, no, no. if that is the price for beeing nr. 1 someone else can have that spot."

(definitly exaggerated - the real story is close enough though. I really dont like that kind of music constantly on my ears and it really influences my mood negativly. i am aware that this a matter of personal preference.)
I will admit, sometimes when I put on the radio, I sigh, and always wonder to myself, how in the world did these songs even become number 1 on the charts. :P :/
Well, it seems like my impression is right and the songs are getting darker, with more sadness and less hope. And this apperantly has been researched by someone on a scientif level. They took the songs starting from 1950 upto the year 2016 including the lyrics which had been in the top ten (i think) and forged an algorithy which would analyse the the scales (major / minor) and the lyrics (keyphrases and expressions for happiness hope sadness and such). They found a significant change since late 1990 and 2016, while in the years ´50 - 90s it was already getting darker but a lot less and slower. The surprising part is this: the amount of minor increased massivly, the negative like sadness, hopeless increased quite a good lot, but the happiness decreased by something that was somewhere around 20%. But i will go and double check if thats actually reliable data. if not, i will post here that it has been a hoax.

"...Lawrence Technical University in Michigan untersuchte die Entwicklung von Songtexten. Kathleen Napier und Lior Shamir
I think thats a credible source of information. Found here ... r-1196695/