my LMMS tutorials on youTube -Update 28 apr 2017

Write guides and how-tos about LMMS for other members.
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I have made some LMMS tutorials on youTube

* Make echo on selected part of a sound clip
Shows how it is posible to add echo-effects on a segment of a soundclip

* side-chaining in LMMS
How to make one instrument control another

* Downmixing a song
How to use the FX-mixer and get the best sound

* Playback and simultainous editing in LMMM
How to edit notes in simultanous playback mode

* LADSPA-effects On LMMS Instruments
Very basic tut on how to use LADSPA effects

*resonanceWheezer TranceBuild-up-effect
Making a trance build-up whistle-resonans sweep effect with 3oc

I was asked to make a tutorial on how to make an instrument sound variate. This is how we use envelopes in the 3OC.
OBS! VST-instruments cant utilize the ENV/LFO, so you cant do this with any VSTige plugin.

*Instruments from super short wave files
Tutorial on how to use very short wave samples as instruments.

*zynAddSubFX - Creating instrument-layers
How to build new zyn instruments form existing ones

*Chord-arpeggios In LMMS.wmv
How to make arpeggios with whole chords

*zynAddSubFX: Multiple Oscillator Instruments in LMMS
Advanced editing in zyn

*Principle Music Scales
Tutorial in composing

*A take on Best Practice in LMMS -part 1-3
My way to get best workflow, and structure in a project

zynAddSubFX 101 Managing Portamento advanced settings
A look at the deep settings in zynAddSubFX that controls porta

*zynAddSubFX 101 Filters in zynAdSubFX The deep settings (1)
A look at the deep settings in zynAddSubFX that controls filters

zynAddSubFX 101 :The LMMS UI -The Formant-filter(1)
Dubstep wobbles and wauwau's generated with Vovels & Formants

My Tiny Tips Collection MTTC
How to locate one note in piano-roll

My Tiny Tips Collection MTTC
How to make a 'mutant' loop or clip in B&B-editor

chords scales and keys 1+2
Also explain inversion of chords

'Faking' redo in song-editor

MTTC6 Making stereo Splits with delay

MTTC7 Trick for moving notes in piano-roll

MTTC 8 loop-marker trick

Capture Any Melody
Learn how to get a melody from your head to piano-roll

You can find all these tuts here

..and also a few of my 'songs' are uploaded :D

I hope this can be helpfull to others

New tutorials:
* ENV/LFO usage

* Usage of super-short wavefiles as instruments
Wait!! You're the bearsoundz guy on youtube?! :o
Wow! Cool! I saw one of your tuts the other day . The one with the echos on a sound clip. Your tuts are real cool. I learned alot from them as well. :D
Hope you make more. They're really informative and easy to follow. Bye. :D
I must say, that Lmms Triple Oscillator is really neat. You can make all sorts of cool sound effects. Hope LMMS crew, upgrades it in the not to distant future. ;)
A couple of new tuts
I show how i structure projects, and some methods to keep things organized.
A take on Best Practice in LMMS :
Thanks musikbear. :mrgreen:
Nice tuts ;)
Thank you to both of you brandystarbrite & Roy. Its always good to know that the tuts are apreciated. I plan a knob by knob for zynadsubfx, even though zyn is not so vital now lmms has full automation of most vsts
1.0 is going to be a quantum leap in the direction of a 'Gimp' for music. Im really impressed with RC .9.1
Thanks for these tutes! They give really depth to some tools. I never really knew all possibilies of Audio File Processor before I saw your tute on that! Really cool!
I like them, they are different and inform me about different things than other tuts!
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