New Synth sound tutorials by BrandyStar 2018

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Welcome to my synth sound making tuts. 8-)
I hope you enjoy them.

Table of Contents:

Synth 1 tuts:

Trance Gate synth sound (Page 1)

Tweety birdy chirpy sound. (Page 2)

Engine build up....Racing car and motocross racing sounds aka Vin Diesel sound. (Page 2)

Ooh Waow Waow Waow wobbly sound 8-) (Page 3)

Pipe tube sound (Page 4) 8-)

Jump up, then fall waaaay down old school cartoony sound. (page 6)

Swell sound NEW (page 7) Specially requested by Chill Fox. 8-)

Gator Croaking Growly Bass sound NEW (page 8 )

Lead synth sound (page 8 )

Anime Violin Lead synth sound (page 9) :D

Waterfall sound (page 9) :cry:

Sweepy Air Rush sound (page 9) 8-)

Brandy's meow synth sound (page 9) 8-)

Cool Bass sound and a Spacey dark bass sound (page 11)

80's arpy bass (Synth 1) (page 12) (New) 8-)

Inside of a Scary Cartoony Ufo with Alien Tech type sound (Synth 1 version) (Page 14)


LB 302 tuts:

Camel Toka Bass (Bass sound) (page 11) (2017) 8-)


sfxr plugin tuts:

Mario Bros. Ghost/UFO wobble sound. (Page 3)

Lovely lead chiptune sound. (Brand new) (Page 9)

Inside of a Scary Cartoony Ufo with Alien Tech type sound (Brand New) (Page 9)

Mario Swimming Underwater type sound (Page 9)

Mario bunny hop sound (Page 9)

SImple Sfxr Dubstep wobbly sound (page 15) (Brand New, 2018)


Freeboy plugin tuts:

Mario Coin up sound (page 3)

Escalating Build up Mario drop sound. (New Feb 2017) (page 13)


Nescaline (plugin) tuts

Bass Drop full sounding version (Brandy style) (page 13) March 2nd 2017) :)

Cartoony rising build up 8 bit style sound (page 13) March 5th 2017) :D

Bouncing ping pongy sound (page 13) March 12th 2017) :)

Inside of a Scary Cartoony Ufo with Alien Tech type sound (Nescaline version) (page 13)
(BRAND NEW March 17th 2017) :D

Pulsating energy field door (Game sound effects tut) (page 13) (BRAND NEW March 19th 2017) :D

Helicopter sound (Game sound effects tut) (page 14) (BRAND NEW Apr 14th 2017) :D


Bit Invader plugin tuts

Flute sound (page 13) (Sun March 26th 2017) :)


Kicker Tuts

How to make a:

Kick boom bassy drum sound (page 14) Wed 17th May 2017 (Brand new)


Audio File Processor Sample tuts.

How to make a Clap sound, sound really cool! (Page 17) (NEW 2019)

Coming soon:

Bayonetta The Cats meowth sound. (Will be released in due time.) :P

Steel pan sound (Trinidad style)

Trance piano? 8-)

Lead sounds (We'll make many different, cool sounding Lead synth sounds) :)

Bass Sounds (We'll make all different kinds of bass sounds) :D
Tutorial 1

How to make a Trance Gate Sound

In this tut, we make a Trance Gate sound using Synth 1.

Open Synth 1 Vst. :D
You'll see the default screen like this. And at the bottom, it is called initial sound.

Okay, first off, in the Filter Section. We're using LP 24.


Set both oscillator 1 and 2, including sub to this saw sign.


Go to the Amplifier Section.
You'll see it has ADSR dials.
The letter A is the attack dial.
Since our aim, is to make a slightly hard start up sounding rapid gated sound and not an airy sounding one.
Lower that Attack dial, to a very low number 1 or 0.
Note: If you're making an airy version, anything from 50 and up, will do.

Play around with the D and S dials as much as you want, until you get the desired sound you want.
For this tut, I suggest leaving the R(release dial) on it's default 64.


Now back to Osc 1, Turn the Detune dial to 32 or slightly more if you want.
Don't turn it too much though, or it'll sound horrible. Lol! :mrgreen:

The dial written sub, Turn that sub button to 28 or slightly more etc.
Not too much though. Otherwise it'll sound horrible.


In the Filter Section. You'll see the dial called Freq.
Note: This Freq dial is very important, especially when making, rapid gated sounding sounds.
More on that later.
Turn Freq all the way up 128 or less if you want etc.

Note: Turning that Freq dial, makes the sound/gated sound, sound different.
(optional) Also, turn the Sat dial a bit up too. Similar to how it looks in the pic.
Sat stands for Saturation.
Also, you can play around with the Filter Sections D and S dials if you want.


In the Effects section of Synth 1.
Look for the button called Unison.
If it's not Bright Green, it means it is off.

Press the Unison button until the circle on the left side, is bright green.
Bright green means it is on.
The Unison Button makes a sound, sound FAT and Wide. :D
Like a Fat Boy Cake. Lol! :D

Now Under the Unison button, you'll see the Number 2,
with two grey blocks to it's side.
Press the top grey block, until it changes to the Number 3.
Or raise to 4 if you want.
But don't go too high, otherwise it'll sound too loud. Lol!

Under the Unison button, you'll see more dials/knobs.
Raise the det dial a bit, as much as you want.
Raise the phase dial a tiny bit.
And if you want, turn the sprd up a tiny bit.

The section called Voice leave it on Poly. In this pic, you'll notice it's on 18.
Press one of the grey blocks and raise the Poly to something high.
Like 28 or 30 etc.


Now the secret to making that Gated sound effect, is the LFO thingy.

Press the button with the number 1 until it changes yellow.
For this tut, make sure the other LFO button named 2, is off.
We're only using one LFO for this tut.

Then change the blue upside down wave sign to a Saw wave.
It should look like this afterwards.

Then turn on the Tempo and Key button, until it glows green.
It should look like this.

Now, to get the Fast Gated sound.
Turn the Tempo dial to 16.
And turn the Key dial to something like 102.

And most importantly, click the circle, next to the word amp.
That'll connect the LFO 1 to the Amplifier.

Press any key, or the Y key on your keyboard.
Taa daa! Sounds cool eh? 8-)

And that's how to make a Gated sound using Synth 1. 8-)


Optional Stuff: Go to the Effects Section of Synth 1 and check out the Tempo Delay and Chorus Flanger.

Tempo Delay: Turn up a bit, the sprd, toned and d/w.
d/w multiples the sound. so don't turn it up too much unless you're trying to make a special sound.
I suggest turning d/w up to 35 or slightly more or less if you want.

Chorus Flanger: Play with the depth a bit, if you want.


I hope you enjoyed this tut.
You can take almost any sound and turn it into a gated sound in Synth 1, by using the LFO 1 or LFO 2.
Using both of LFO's together, can give you many unique sounds.

More tuts coming soon. :)
Yaaaaay :D
Looking forward to the pipe guy sound :)
Great Tut, thank you. :)
ACYDE Music wrote:Yaaaaay :D
Looking forward to the pipe guy sound :)
Gps wrote:Great Tut, thank you. :)
Wooah! You guys found my tut so quickly?!
Thanks guys! :D
Here's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sized Pizza! 8-)
Yummy!! :P

Sorry I didn't message you all earlier.
After putting this tut up late last night, to after midnight, I was so tired, I went to Kirby's Dream Land. :P
I was planning to message you guys today about it.
Glad you guys found it though. :D

The Pipe Guy tut will take a while.
The only problem is, that I'm trying my best to emulate, that hard vibrating deep bassy sound in Synth 1.
And it wasn't easy. :P
I was able to pull it off a bit though, but it still needs to sound closer to the original sound, in the vid.
I'll try my best to finish it, as quickly as I could.

In the meantime. Enjoy my tuts! :)
Glad you guys like this one. And I hope you guys put it to good use, in your music projects too. 8-)
Nice work! Perhaps you could also explain what the various components actually DO, and why you move a certain dial?
That way you would also tell HOW to fish :p
Solid tutorial, good job!
So that's what a Trance Gate sounds like. Good tut!

brandystarbrite wrote:How to make a Trance Gate Sound

More tuts coming soon. :)
Are you on youtube? Great tut by the way, very concise and easy to follow :D
Thanks alot ACYDE, Gps, musikbear, caLRo, slipstick, roy 38 and everyone else 8-)
Glad you all liked it. :D
musikbear wrote:Nice work! Perhaps you could also explain what the various components actually DO, and why you move a certain dial?
That way you would also tell HOW to fish :p
Yep. I agree.
I wanted to do that, but that would be so much to write. :P
And there are still things in Synth 1, that I still don't understand yet and I'm still learning as the days go by.
roy 38 wrote:Are you on youtube? Great tut by the way, very concise and easy to follow :D
I'm on youtube, but I haven't posted any vids or tuts yet.
I will hopefully do so, in the next couple of months.
I'm glad to see it was easy and concise to follow. :D
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