Bass Drop Tutorial (Trap)

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I've always been waiting to do a tutorial, but I was never as professional as the guys who made them.

So I'm making a tutorial for a specific (pro) bass drop from a song I made.
It sound like this:

The beat can be creative, I always suggest it goes for 7 Bars, and the 8th goes for whatever vocals you have just before the chorus or a fill. Whatever.
The first 4 bars can be whatever you want it to be. I made mine relatively complex, which is ENTIRELY mandatory. But if you wanna follow my way, make sure bars 5-7 are like this:
Image Pitching the beat is completely optional, but it's what I did to give that rise a bit more "character".
Again, completely optional. That was a pic of my snare roll, which makes it plain. I decided to add a clap, to fill that void of emptiness.
And that's all I did with my clap.

These two samples:
These are the best samples I could find of this, so if you need them, just contact me.

It's trap, so it's commonly 140. I did 150 because it fits the two rise samples I chose.

You can add a fill, vocals, or whatever you want ;)

And that's it! Thanks for reading my short tutorial, but hey! It's the best I could do. Please follow me on SC. I'm one follower away from 100 Followers! I'll do something nice for you guys if I reach that goal.

Like, comment, repost.
Leche out.
Great job! Nice share - Perhaps drop project in LSP?
Sure! I'll just have to make-do without using my nice rise sample :/
And here it is! With inside samples, so it doesn't sound like the real thing ;(.
Both links don't work
On the project, how'd you do that line thingy on Rise 2?

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