The Complete Noob's Guide to Mastering

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Jogden139 wrote:
Jogden139 wrote:Would you use the Declipper effect? Why do you say keep the master at 100? And also I use the stereoenhancer effect for widening leads.
Where you mentioned headroom you suggest leaving the master at 100%, is it wrong to turn it down a little to prevent redlining/clipping?
I wouldn't use the declipper on the master channel, and yes, stereo widener also works well for... stereo widening.
As for headroom, I say keep the master at 100% because it provides a consistent point of reference. If you turn down the other faders proportionately than it will have the same effect as turning down the master. meaning, if you turn your drum bus down by 10 cents, then everything else also gets turned down 10 cents
Wouldn't you need the below 30hz for subbasses? Maybe I don't understand subbasses.
DJ FlyingPankakez wrote:Wouldn't you need the below 30hz for subbasses? Maybe I don't understand subbasses.
No, below 30hz is pretty much out of the human range of hearing. But the spectral presence can cloud up your mix
Sub bass is roughly 20-60Hz. There's often not much below 30Hz. Have a look with a frequency analyser like Voxengo's SPAN (which I tend to have on the master channel permanently). But you can always try lowering the filter frequency to see if you can detect any difference. But bear in mind you'll need some really good monitors/subwoofer to hear anything that low.

oh ok, thank you both for that!
Nice tut. :)
mrlmmsguy wrote:
Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:05 pm
Hello! Mayo Staccato here. I've never posted a tutorial before, but I thought I'd give a breakdown of the mastering process, as well as some tips. Before I begin, I'd just like to make a few points.

1) there is no perfect way to master. Every instance is going to be different, but the basic structure is the same
Nice tut Mayo.
You should definitely update/add more to this tut, as you learn more about mastering techniques. :)

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