ASIO4ALL in Windows 7/8 64 bit

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goth_cliche wrote:I followed the instructions, downloaded Asio4all from changed the name and replaced the dll in the LMMS program folder. Upon trying to open LMMS, I then received the error message: "The procedure entry point Pa_GetDefaultInputDevice could not be located in the dynamic link library libportaudio-2.dll." There were two dll files with my asio download and I tried them both (just in case), without success. I'm using Windows 7, 64 bit, and my LMMS is 64 bit (I believe), version 1.1.3. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? :/
From what I understand, LMMS can't utilize a stand alone ASIO dll. Try this.
goth_cliche wrote:*
"goth_cliche -As a new user, this is for you :)

and.. Did you see the warning higher up:
If you get the libportaudio-2 with ASIO support (The one Stakeout link to) up and running, then you need to know, that in case lmms has a problem, the dll will very often cause a BSOD in windows, and subsequently a garbage cleaning is needed
Use the dlls I mentioned in this post:

Hope this helps.
musikbear wrote:the dll will very often cause a BSOD in windows, and subsequently a garbage cleaning is needed
BSOD in XP or other windows versions? XP is ancient, unsupported, and full of bugs fixed in newer editions. Windows 8/8.1/10 are able to restart in a matter of seconds on most computers.
Stakeout Punch wrote: BSOD in XP or other windows versions?
That would actually be nice to know, so if someone with 8/8.1/10 has installed this ASIO4ALL dll, it would be interesting to know what the behaviour is, if lmms is forced to terminate through Task-manager.
Does lmms terminate without issues or does this force a hot-boot, or even a BSOD.
I suspect it is the ASIO-dll, that makes the pc sound-driver crash, and then a BSOD is the result. But what does actually happen?
Could Anyone try?
I believe both project with and without VSTs should be tested.

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