Almost Real Sidechaining Using the CALF Sidechain Compressor

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I know that there are many tutorials for sidechaining already available, but I think that this is the better way to it. It actually sounds better as well.

Sidechaining using the CALF Sidechain Compressor:


1. Create input.
2. Add Peak Controller to input (kick).
3. Create instrument.
4. Add Sidechain Compressor to instrument (lead).


5. Connect Peak Controller controller to S/C Level.
6. In the Peak Controller settings, set Base to 0 and AMNT to 1.
7. In the Sidechain Compressor settings, set Ratio to full.
8. Tweak volumes, Threshold, and Ratio until satisfied.

N.B.: The FX do not have to be added to the kick and instrument only. They can also be assigned to different FX channels.
Welcome to the forum R1KAI! First, For you all important links:
R1KAI wrote:I know that there are many tutorials for sidechaining already available
Yes, quite a few, but good tips are always welcome.
Do remember that the expression of the sidechain also can be influenced by the ENV of the kick or whatever is chosen as 'controller'
That's a really good video! Thanks for the tips and welcoming me to the forums :)

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