Improving LMMS (Chapter 1: Mixing tools) Part 2: Compressors

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Ah... Virtually the hardest concept in mixing and mastering to grasp (for most people), compression. The Idea of compression is to raise the volume of the track without clipping. How this is achieved, is once the volume hits a certain threshold (a db value) the compression kicks in and raises the volume, up to a specified limit. Generally that limit is 0 db so the track can't clip, but when compressing individual tracks, you may want to set it much lower.
Another reason that compression is such a touchy subject is because there are an insane amount of "types" of compressors.
Simple volume compressors, Limiters, brick wall limiters, side chain compressors, eq compressors, harmonics compressors, in fact the compressor world isn't limited to volume in general. There are even FREQUENCY compressors! There are also compressors that barely effect your track at all. One's that have no idea where their place is among the world of vst's. When it comes to compressors and limiters (same difference) the amount of free one's that are actually good is sadly... Surprisingly huge. So it can be very hard to pick out the best from that list.
Thankfully, I'm going to make it easy for you! These are not only the best free compressor, limiters, and the like, but some of the best EVER.

Compressors (Internal volume knobs to make your track louder, very good for making your track... well... Louder)

Stats: Brick wall, cannot exceed 0db
Loud Max: Is my idea of a final audio master plugin that really does the job! Since it can't exceed 0db, that means it can't clip at ALL! It's so smooth, and works in pretty much any circumstance. Unless sadly, you are using LMMS. It crashes LMMS alot. So immediately when you open it, set the threshold to -6db or something and close the window. Another problem. When you reload LMMS, it somehow sets it's threshold, and db limit to 0. LMMS doesn't like this, and will crash if you try to play the song with it like this. So my recommendation is to just save it until you export your track. Make it the very last thing you do!

Stats: Unlimited multiband compressor/limiter, doesn't crash LMMS
ReaXompressor: Is downright insane. Cockos has this thing with plugins. They are completely and totally decked! ReaXCompressor is probably my most favorite compressor on this planet! It enables you to create separate bands across the WHOLE spectrum of the audio, and compress each band individually. I don't know what else to say, except that this is an incredible work of art, and well... Have fun being Chuck Norris with LMMS!
Link: (Note, if you downloaded ReaEQ from the link in part one of mixing tools, then you already have this)

Hmm... That's kind of it. Those are the best. There is one more however!

Stats: Simple, easy to use, and highly vintage.
ReaComp: Is very easy to grasp, and if you don't like the thought or complexity of multi-band compressors, then this is a wonderful substitute! It has amazing capabilities, and is really good for vocals, synths drums, you name it, it can compress it!
Link: Use the above link for ReaXCompressor. If you have already downloaded ReaXCompressor, or any of Reaplugs, then you already have this.

And there is actually one more compressor. It's legendary. The only problem with it, is you need to give it time to load during project file opening in LMMS, otherwise LMMS will crash!

Terry West's CS12m 1.67
Stats: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
CS12 1.67: Is uncalled for. Not only is it a compressor, but it is also an equalizer, Limiter, stereo widener, AND a filter! This plugin is a new one I stumbled on very recently, and it works one hundred percent with LMMS! It just eats up your CPU when loading, but other than that it's fine. So just wait a few seconds after it's done loading to do anything in LMMS, and you'll be fine!
(also, take the time to check out all the other plugins Terry West has made! I have tried them all, and besides the occasional High CPU start up, they all work AMAZINGLY well with LMMS! He has made some incredibly powerful plugins, and I use them all, all the time. He also has a huge list of other compressors, so check them out)

Well, that is all on compression and limiting! I hope the power you will now hold in your hands by obtaining these plugins gives you a sense of satisfaction :) If you want a hard limiter that isn't loudmax, then just use some of Terry's stuff, they work!
And lastly, I hope to see the amazing work you guys do by using these plugins! That is all for this part! Thank you!
Keep spreading the music!
DJ Striden
Nice. Very informative. :)
I needed something like this. Thank you.
could be that there is a problem with windows versions.
I only get an 'empty' black panel when i try to load these in winXP. I actually also have loading problems with the reaper plugins, in reloaded projects. Here the GUI panel is only a tiny rectangle, and there are no access to any control.
This is (sadly) a known issue and has been reported ealier.

What version of lmms are you runnings? I run windows 7 and these all work perfectly fine. The empty panel loads as well as the plugins, so just exit out of them and the plugins should be visible. As far as I know, this is a problem with most vst's in lmms. I'll run some tests to try and find out the problem, take into account it may be a problem with windows XP.
The empty panel loads as well as the plugins
No it is black panels without content AND the 'empty' panels as well - eg those you see as GUI with controls are pitch black
it may be a problem with windows XP.
yes i think so
Someone else have to confirm
I'm sorry that the plugins don't work for you. As far as compressors go, MCompressor might work, but it doesn't have a limiter function. Try MLimiter. In fact, just go to Melda Productions website and get their free vst pack, you can use the link for MEqualizer in "part 1" of mixing tools. Download MEQ and you get them all in one handy basket. Make sure all the dlls are in your vst plugin folder, it won't install them their so you'll have to do it manually. That's all I've got, I hope it helps.
On Fedora 16 and LMMS 0.4.13 ReaxCompressor does not load (black panel).
ReaComp does work as does CS12M.
I did not try LoudMax...

Melda Production MCompressor works. I use it together with the Fast Lookahead Limiter.
Anymore interesting info you've gotten for us djstriden? :)
I'd like to see a continuation of this topic just like the one about EQ. Compression is another technique that is essential for a solid mix.

TDR Kotelnikov
Stats: Wideband dynamics compression, high fidelity range control
Released in 2014, this plugin is suitable for a wide variety of tasks. Whether I use it in the early stages of my mix or at the end of my master, TDR Kotelnikov provides me with enough options to make my tracks sound properly compressed. To me that means getting the loudness right while preserving some of those precious dynamics in my tracks. While turning the knobs to the all the way up will yield some dramatic results, I prefer applying subtle touches to my tracks with this great plugin. Tested in LMMS 1.1.3 64 bit on Windows 10. Works fine.

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