Favourite type of video game? Why?

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I love MMO and MOBA becase of its competitive spirit
Oh, here I’m going all out. Well at the moment I have several favorite genres of games are RPG, MOBA and gacha games. And the reason is that I love to reach some top, improve something or collect. At the moment I play a lot in Rocket league trading and got a lot from there. From the MOBA games, my favorite is League of Legends right now. From RPG this is Genshin Impact, by the way, it is also included in the gacha of the game. And there is also an open world where you can run everywhere, and everywhere climb and fall from anything. It was very interesting to read your posts thanks for asking such a question and people are answering it, it was a pleasure to read and write something on my own.
I am playing CSGO a lot now so I wanted to do something with a ranking system. Is it possible to create something that would influence the Csgo ranking system? Damn, well, the idea is certainly interesting. I have been playing for a long time, but with the increase in rank, everything is somehow more difficult for me and not in a fun kinda way. At first, I was just fanatical there, but now I want to achieve some goals somehow. Of course, I'm joking about such a program, but it would be funny if you could so easily raise your rank. On the other hand, there wouldn't be this feeling of satisfaction that you have achieved this yourself. So yes, some controversial question came up... lol Well, I hope you get what you have in mind and even more, so I wish you the best of luck!