Can anyone recommend basic piano/keyboard youtube?

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I'm still learning LMMS, but the more I try, the more I miss the immediacy of actually playing and hearing what you play, I just can't really randomly improvise and try out ideas efficiently with just the piano roll or PC keyboard...

The problem is, that while I have an ancient (but quite decent) synth and just have bought a portable MIDI keyboard (it was on sale) I never seriously practised, don't know much of anything and have no idea where to start or how to tell a good lesson from an useless one.

Can anyone recommend some good YouTube channel with some basics?
ac220 wrote:
Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:53 pm
recommend some good YouTube channel with some basics?
if firmly believe that 'basics' in music-theory can be learned from watching videos, here i shamelessly recommend my own series of tuts in scales keys and chords, Link to my channel in signature. but if you are talking about basics in how to actually play keyboard/ piano, then you need to search for piano-lessons.
Again there are many on yT, but i also like to point you towards one of lmms' smarter functions:
In fact that feature should always be used, when 'jamming' with lmms, because if you happen to suddently have a good hook, then it is captured, and be saved!
Its the 3. button from left im speaking about
Set Q to the highest resolution, iirc its 1/192 (?)
That makes sure you capture notes exactly as you played them
Then press the said button and start 'jamming'
If you then make something that sounds good, stop the playhead, and locate the good sequence, use loop-markers to isolate the notes.
You can then either copy the notes to a new block, or delete the notes not belonging to the block, then start again.
Yea, I meant actual playing technique. Theory I can manage, but I never learned proper ways to play keyboard.

Thanks for the tip on setting the Q. Haven't thought of that.
I can really recommend all of Musicbear vids.

You should start with the one about scales.

The good news is that you don't have to learn them.

You do need to understand them though.

It comes down to what keys to use ( play ) because they sound nice together.

One thing I do, I play on my midi keyboard, Although I cant really play.
Still I record it, then in lmms, I check the scale and fix mistakes.

If you make an cover of something its very important to set the BPM right.
This makes live much easier, when you record notes.

What also helped me is watching vids like this, synthesia is the keyword.

This is hip hop but there are a lot of synthesia vids, just search a song you like and add synthesia in google.

Like this, Darude sand storm.