More than one Beat / Baseline?

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I've watched a few youtube tuts but somehow missed this. Maybe stupid question but I'm stuck on something very basic.
I wanna start learning to build songs by using Beat/Baseline tracks.
So I created one using Kicker.
Then I created another one and tried Clap, but the first one was changed to clap.
What am I missing? I want to build several completely different / separate beat / baselines using different instruments. Is there a tutorial that covers this basic stuff. How the interface works and how things are connected and not connected?

The Beat/Bassline Editor has only one set of instrument and automation tracks in it. If you add, remove, or change one instrument there, it will affect each Beat/Bassline track in the Song Editor.

An instrument track in the Song Editor can contain any number of patterns, and they will always be played by that same instrument.

An instrument track in the Beat/Bassline Editor is mostly similar, but it contains as many patterns as there are Beat/Bassline tracks in the Song Editor, and when playing back a song each instrument will play back the patterns corresponding to which Beat/Bassline tracks are playing at that moment.
I think I get it. The beat / Baseline window is all of the beats /baselines in the project.
That way they all use the same time base.
And each time you create a copy of it, then you get to choose which instruments are active in that clone.
I took a look at AngryLlama_NewFangled example and I see what's up. So in a long project it looks like there might be a whole lot of things in that window. But OK.
It's a fairly common complaint that hasn't been addressed yet.
tresf wrote:
Sat May 06, 2017 2:06 pm
It's a fairly common complaint that hasn't been addressed yet.
Just make two types of Beat / Baseline editors? BB Traditional + BB Extended. And... two similar tools for almost the same tasks does not confuse anyone.

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