The struggle of Gps learning music and sheetmusic

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Some aspects of sheetmusic, don't make sense to me at all. But it is what it is.

I am getting used to it, but at first, I had a lot of problems, because all sheet music I find, is not exactly like the mp3 I have.
This makes it much harder to understand. But at least with biscaya I am slowly getting there. If its different, it does not confuse me as much as it did before.

I will have a look at those tools, sounds interesting.
Rant mode:

I just lost three hours of my life. :P

I wanted to continue from were I stopped yesterday, but got totally confused.
At a last resort I opened up the midi file I have, and checked that to the sheet music I have.

The good news is, that did stop my confusing. That midi file does not match the sheet music I have 100%, but seems to be matching rather well the original version, of which I have an ogg file imported into lmms.

I then went back to the site, were I got the midi file and the sheet music from.
There are three different bloody versions. Three pieces of sheet music and three midi files.

I now have all three midi files imported into lmms and saved.

How I use that midi file ? I put in the notes from the sheet music, but because I still suck at doing so, I use the midi file to check if I am getting close, and to help me, find the right note lengths.

I could of course just use the midi file, and put instruments to it, but that does not feel right.

Another problem noticed, why I keep getting confused.
James last and his orchestra plays this piece, with a lot of instruments, but the important ones are two accordions and a bandoneon.

None of the pieces of sheet music, nor the midi files copy this exactly.
They use tricks of which I of course learn, but also confuse the hell out of me.

The solution to my problems is simple ;) Some one just needs to write me a program, that spits out the sheet music from an mp3. :P

To end this positive, I think I now know how to solve my problem. I will also download the other two version of sheet music, and then use the one that comes close enough.

The problem is btw mostly about the number of notes used. That does not match and gives me an headache, because I am still learning.
Get a score editor like MuseScore, then import the midi in question in to it.
You should be able to see the notes in the score editor, in the way it was played.
Also if it has changes in time signatures, and other notations should show up also.
It's a big help reading the music while it's being played to help to understand sheet music.
After some study, I have found a piece of sheet music, that at least matches the midi file.
The weird part though, the part I am currently adding, sounds out of key to the mp3.
The first part sounds in key, but not this part.
For now its to early for me to tell, if I am messing up, or if the sheet music is too blame.
I think I can fix that though, but for now I first want most notes in, for the two main tracks.
Then I will go into the timing, and maybe fix some out of key issues.
Its a shame that this particular piece does not seem to be very well know, outside Germany and the Netherlands.
For most pop songs, jellynote is a great site. It shows the sheet music, and highlights the individual notes when played.

I am still in doubt about one thing. I found a German site which has the sheet music for Biscaya, but its not free.
If that's the original sheet music, I am willing to pay for it.

I realize that that does not mean its the same as the mp3 I have, but I am not willing to pay for sheet music, which is not the original either.
I think I am gonna sent an email to that site, asking them if its the original score.

I will download music score, I just saw they have a Linux version too. ( and a windows and mac version)

For others on openSUSE: ... debug=true
That program is awesome, I just imported a midi file. You can also slow it down. One funny thing, some part is out of tune. LOL
Gps wrote:That program is awesome, I just imported a midi file. You can also slow it down. One funny thing, some part is out of tune. LOL
I hope it helps, with your struggle of learning sheet music. The program is good for following the music, so you can relate the sheet music with the sounds.
Never give up never surrender !
I made it to around 1.45m into the song.

From that point on, it seems (sounds) like as a repetition of previous played parts. :P
I also think, I remember Eino telling me this.

I did also have a quick look and compared this piece to a a rhythm part, also on an accordion, and I was happy surprised, that a lot of the notes seems timing wise in the right spot.
In biscaya this means, that a lot of the notes start (too) late, and overlap.

One thing before I started with lmms, that was alright, is my sense for rhythm / timing.
But now those two worlds meet.

The link between something I hear, and how that looks in LMMS.

1/64 and 1/32 :P

Next challenge, will be a series of short notes.
After, reading the sheet music about this part, and listening to the "song" yet again, I suddenly could hear , in one part:
How the individual notes sound, this might be the first time ever, I can actual hear this.

Its: up down, up down, up down, but every next up and down are 1 note lower as the previous.

After the bandoneon, now awaits the accordion. Some parts are the same as the bandoneon.

Funny how one version of the sheet music, in lmms worked out. The accordion plays the same notes, but 1 note lower. according to the sheet music.
When I noticed this, I already started to wonder if that could be right.
It sounded horrible in lmms, it sounded like I expected.

I should be fine for now, I have three pieces of sheet music to choose from, and my ears.
And I learned something new. Crosses instead of notes, for rhythm :O
Open or closed hi hat.

Just when I thought I had read everything about sheet music, but google was my friend.

Still slowly making progress on Biscaya. I am happy to have more then one piece of sheet music, to choose from.

I do how ever have a small problem, prob because this song is not played at a constant speed,
I was using the beat and bassline, but that does not work. I would have to change the main lead prob to fix that, but I don't want to.
Because my main lead is 98% in sync with the original, still needs some tweaking.
I made some progress, there is a problem with the midi files and the sheet music I have.
They don't match.

To rule out any mistakes on my part, I had re downloaded all files. Which gave me three different pieces of sheet music,
But the midi files, don't match.

After a few days of confusion, at least now, I know the problem.
I think this is funny, but I notice a mistake of mine.

There is an F key at the start, of this rhythm part, and not a G key LOL.
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