where do you guys get samples, and sounfonts? (free)

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Post the sites where you guys download your free samples, and soundfonts.

Maybe there could be a page in the Wiki, like for vsts?
has many free soundfonts and samples, and I rip samples off of YouTube or VEVO.
I don't really use soundfonts, but I use lots of samples!

Atom Splitter Audio samples (free): http://www.atomsplitteraudio.com/samples.php
Samples I've made (free): http://brycecoulson.com/samples/
I cant download anything from Homemusician, like at all.
When I click download Im sent to the category page every time.

And is it just me, or sourceforge has some serious problems with its https? Im tired of it giving me an "infinite loop" warnings. And i use many other wesites with no problems.
Hi lmmsusr , for me I have no problems with http://www.homemusician.net/ or sourceforges https protocol.

I see on the homemusician site that the owner wishes no use of a download-manager, but using my download manager in ubuntu linux causes no problems, although i think mainly this is due to his limited bandwidth.

also make sure you scroll down the page a bit in homemusician just after you have chosen your desired soundfont etc as the advertisements show on all pages.

here are a couple of direct download links that you can try to see if it is possible to download them from homemusician (they are quite small SF2/soundfont files)

http://soundfonts.homemusician.net/file ... ums_v1.zip

When i click on them im taken here: http://soundfonts.homemusician.net/

Ive modified advanced settings of firefox like referrer info, likely its causing it.
although i know nothing about referrer in firefox, my guess is you used the "about:config" method for changing your settings, so i suppose you could go there and revert your settings and restart FF and try the downloads again :)
Okay, I enabled referrer and both problems got solved, though direct links still dont work (that does explain everything).
So should we add a "soundfont and sample database" page to the wiki? theres already one for VSTs