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I hace a project with less sample track and when i open one for an FX it create a sound bug and then i can't good hear my project help plz .
Excuse my english :o
I'm not sure if I understand: does the sound bug occur when you open the sample track interface ? Or when an FX is added? Is it a particular FX or does this happen with all FX? When you click on "Add Effect", is your project playing or is it stopped? Can you give more details?

And as musikbear would say :

please post your:
* OS (+ service-pack-version)
* lmms version
* hardware specification (ram & soundcard is the most important)
* Latency setting
* lmms sound device chosen
* screenshots of error-state -if any oddness appear
Hello man ,I haven't nice explain sorry .
I don't lag when i open an FX.
But when i open a sample with sampler track, then it create a sound bug when i play my project ( some cracklings ).
M9gza9 wrote:
Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:18 pm
when i open a sample with sampler track, then it create a sound bug when i play my project ( some cracklings ).
Ok, Does the crackle happen in every sample you try, or just that one
Test that,
If the crackle is in every sample, try a lover vol for the track
If nothing of that helps This is so strange that i need to see the project
upload the project, AS MMPZ! Just attach it using the button below. That upload/ attachment, everyone can see, so just make a dummy, if you care about your composer rights. DO check it for the odd behaviour -Twice!

If you dont want all to se the project save as MMP:
To Save as MMP:
* Open project
* File | save-as
* chose a name... 'xyzzxy.mmpz'
press save
You can upload on any file-host like google drive, and PM me the link
I will ofcause respect your rights

Besides that, since you are new here Welcome to the forum M9gza9 ! Here are all our important links:
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