I wanted to share an Idea I wanted implemented ALSA maillist help me make this:
Midi Poison Midi Message Modifier - tiny.cc/mpmmm

I found something better than my project:
Yoshimi is a very awesome app. I was toying with it and it even midi key flip on it and allows for scale files. You have to put flip on 60 or wherever you want the keyflip to occur. I had a similar idea uses alsa to keyflipD on center D. I want to edit the source of Yoshimi. This would be a better way for me to inject custom arpeggios or wishfully use LMMS awesome scale and arpegiator. Plus I think I can implement a scalar mute make certain keys unplayable based on selected scale.

If I could use it with LMMS for recording that would be great. Perhaps It can output to audacity easier and import the .wav data to LMMS.

I want a splicifier for LMMS splice to beat -user would press beat tracker buttons and audio file will auto splice or cut to those marker positions. Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition let me use markers and looping it was great also could do zero second CD gap and blend track 1 and 2 together.