A Rap Producer's Thank You to the Devs

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Alright, this goes out to whatever people directly made/make LMMS and made it an available tool for free. I dont know who you are or if youll see this here or whatever, but i basically owe you my life. I found out about LMMS like nearly two years, and downloaded it with no idea what i would use it for, or if i would ever use it. Ive loved hip hop since a young age, and around the time i found out about this DAW, a new wave of underground hip hop emerged and i fell in love, and wanted to find out how they make the beats. Ive been playing drums for about 12 years now, specializing in extreme metal and hardcore/deathcore and the like, so knowing how to lay down layers of precise sounds was easy, and LMMS is the easiest thing ever to use. But anyway, i piddle and make a few beats that had no scale and no key integrity and sounded like shit, but they sounded good to me at the time, and i keep them for a year, which was one year ago. Well, i basically hit rock bottom in life around then, and cut myself off from family and friends, basically just feeling like ill never go anywhere in life, nor do/did i want to because of the many shitty, wrong ways the world operates. But i had LMMS, and a sadness and anger in my heart at myself and the evils of the world, and a love for dark, creepy beats, and when you put those things together, apparently it boosts quality of life enormously. Even though my life hasnt really changed since then and im still trying to work my own shit out, you people who are behind LMMS have kept me alive and given me something to live for, and helped me stumble upon another craft i wish to hone. Ive only got one song ready to be put out with a friend of mine on vocals, and i dont rap or know any rappers personally, but i have about 6 songs id consider done, and just as many im working on and proud of. I dont know why i hadnt joined the LMMS community sooner, but i sincerely hope the people behind LMMS give themselves a pat on the back, because your product has saved one life. Thank you all. <3
YVNG DXTR wrote:
Thu May 31, 2018 9:17 pm
Just great that you like lmms!

Besides that, since you are new here on Forum-
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YVNG DXTR wrote:
Thu May 31, 2018 9:17 pm
You're welcome!
YVNG DXTR wrote:
Thu May 31, 2018 9:17 pm
Thank you all. <3
Thank you!
Thanks for the kind words! Do you have some tracks to share?