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Anything that doesn't fit into other topics goes here!
I made this list merging sites from a previous post with some personal addition in order to make a more practical (because in the original you would have to read all the comments) list of website where you can find free vst and what i mentioned in the title. I will update the list with sites that will be mentioned in the original post but you can also tell me something to add down here. Also if you have your personal samples storage like on google drive or mega with some old ones that are no more available on the web, you can contribute!

Link to the original post:

Note: this is not a list about which are the best VSTs or samples but only about which are the best sites where you guys can find it. If you want i will make that list later, let me know. Also this is all about freebies like the original, so don't post cracked materials.

Here's the list: (VSTs) (VSTs) (Sound Effects, Drum Samples and VSTs) (VSTs and Samples) (VSTs and Samples) (EDM Samples) (Samples) (FX Chiptune Samples 2016) (FX Chiptune Samples 2017) (VST, it’s not present on site like vst4free) (Samples, Soundfonts, VSTs & Presets) (Samples) (Clap Samples) (Samples) (Samples) (Samples & VSTs, not all free) (Soundfonts) (ReaPlug VSTs) (Orchestral HQ Soundfonts) (Soundfonts) ... dc16-12730 (VSTs) ... -free.html (Synth1 Presets) (VSTs) (Hip-Hop Samples) ... (Poleroyd’s ZinAddSubFX Dubstep Presets) (VSTs) (Sonic Anomaly VST effects, really cool for me) (VSTs) (VSTs) (Samples) ... t-plugins/ (Native Instruments Free VSTs) ... p-effects/ (VST effects) ... struments/ (VST instruments)! (VSTs) (VSTs) (VSTs) (VSTs) ... nstruments (VSTs) ... -Download/ (Samples) (Samples) (A good all instruments soundfont) (Virtual Playing Orchestra HQ samples, just add reverb to make it more real) (Soundfonts and PATs) (VSTs) (Chiptune VSTs) (Samples, only vocals need attributions) (VSTs and Samples, not much)

P.S: Some of these ask email or registration, also some sites like dsk or other are not mentioned because their plugins are present on vst4free and other sites.

I hope this could help! :)
Very nice.
But remember guys, the sites linked in the original topic, are places where
you can get free audio stuff, without a catch. ;)
Also here Brandy ;), most are from the original topic and my additions are only website that follow the rule of the original topic: free stuff without attributions, at most they ask for email or registration. If you find some site that don't follow these rules , tell me i will remove it. This is only for a more pratical list :)

I will add for example this site where i have downloaded samples, where only vocals need attributions
Okay. :)
Roxas wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:52 pm
I hope this could help! :)
Good job!
Glad I found this again. :)
I forgot the name of a site, that has a certain vst, that I wanted to try out. :)
Good job!
H4CKTON3 wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:52 pm
I will update the list with sites that will be mentioned in the original post but you can also tell me something to add down here.
Nice list!
Is it ok to add to Wiki| Useful-resources ?

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