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Sorry folks , I am new here and in music production. Lmms happens to be the first DAW I use on PC. There are several DAWS for mobile devices. Some of them are good especially for beginners and those on tight budget. Many can record, sample,mix and master beautifully. Some are free and others are not.
Mobile DAWs are useful too write instant and intuitive ideas and melodies.
Not impossible at all, just not very practical as lmms is a very large software and with not enough developers. It already compiles and runs on ARM processors though (latest Ubuntu development version has lmms-1.2.1 for arm64 and armhf) so you would need to decide upon a touch screen friendly interface. Lots of work. A smaller app that could export mmp/mmpz format would be cool. It doesn't have to be based on lmms. We have the goal to implement saving sound files with the project files. You could then make a small sample player that you can make a first draft on and then load it up on your main machine. I'm not experienced enough with mobile devices though and how other people use them.

@benbou92 Can you recommend any open source music applications for mobile devices to check out?
Open source music application for mobile devices you can easily find on google play store or f-droid site.