Where to start in the world of Digital Music????

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Hi, I am writing here because I would like some help, tips and directions on how I can start making my own digital music. There ain't more beginner then I. I have near to 0 knowledge in music, I took piano classes during a few month in school and that's it.

My first question of all is: Is it possible to create an entire music without playing any real instrument or recording sounds myself with object at home? I started a few years ago 3D modeling, learning by reading and watching tutorial on internet. Now, I would like to learn the same way for digital music, but I feel like this is world way more big then I imagined and to tell you the truth, I feel intimidated by it!

A few weeks ago I downloaded the trial of FL Studio, watched a few things about it and I liked it but I wasn't ready to pay the price for it, at least not yet, not until I'd be a master in the art of digital music. So I found LMMS which looked similar and was free, best option to start right? Or maybe you know of another software that is more suited for total beginner like me? I watched a few tutorial on YouTube but after learning the basic of how to play around with LMMS, I am left alone with my own will of creation which I can't satisfy because I don't know anything on how to mix sound or even just use all LMMS feature. It just feel overwhelming.

There are many style of music I would like to be able to create, but here is one example of what I would kind of aim for once I'll be a master! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85bkCmaOh4o&t=882s
How did this person learn from A to Z on creating this?

If you think I could find more help that suit the help I need on another forum/website that you know, let me know :)

Thank you.
* LMMS is good for beginners
* you can make complete songs
* its free
ujwalpoojary wrote:
Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:19 pm
some help, tips and directions on how I can start making my own digital music.
So first Music-theory
You simply cant make music, if you dont understand scales keys and harmonies!
I recommend www.8note.com, but its quite a dish..
You can also go through my collection of videos on this subject:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... cH1Rs56V8c
At least thats a start..
I also have a playlist for the program LMMS
but my rookie guide (signature) is a good opener
Then we have this, for our great links:

-And right here in forum, you can adress specific whishes, problems, and hick-ups :)

Besides that, since you are new in Forum
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ujwalpoojary wrote:
Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:19 pm
In the LMMS browser, which is located in the left margin of the screen, when you click on the My Projects icon, you find a series of demonstration projects. These projects allow you to see what a finished project looks like. Do not hesitate to study one of these projects line by line, instrument by instrument. You will learn many things in this way.

Similarly, you can download projects, presets, samples or tutorials that users have published on the LSP: https://lmms.io/lsp

On Youtube you will also find many tutorials.

Do not hesitate to intervene in the forum, to ask your questions, to share your creations, etc.
I might be able to challenge you on the statement, there is no bigger beginner then me.

When I started creating noise, people asked if I was tone def.

The only compressors I knew off, were fitted on (race) cars.

Because I have a mechanical technical background, I recognized saw waves in the synthesizers, but remember thinking, what that had to do with creating sounds. ( music )

I listened to the track you linked. So you want to make disco, good choice. :P

This might give away my age, but on a more serious note:

Just start some were ( and fail many times ).

Start by creating any melody or bassline or just some percussion.
After you have one of these try adding one of the other two.

It will definitely help, you had some piano lessons.

I learned allot from watching vids, but also from some people here on this forum.
They even managed, me making music in tune.

One thing that helped me allot, is a midi master keyboard.

Something like this:

Those keyboards don't make any sound, they are for connecting to a pc or midi devise, so the pc or midi devise will make the sound.
You can play on these and record it in lmms.
Is it possible to make good music without knowing anything about music?

A few years ago, I would have said no, but now, I think it's more than possible.

All you need to start is to know a few basic chord progressions. You don't even have to know the specific notes and how they relate to each other. You just need to be able to add them into a MIDI browser.

Once you play around, you'll understand why certain notes sound better than others when played together or sequentially.

Knowing music theory helps a GREAT deal, but it isn't necessary. But once you get into the habit of making music, you'll want to study theory anyway

I suggest that you start by playing around with some drums and bass tracks. Drums don't require any music theory. Just thrown together a drum pad and some sounds. Bass tracks generally tend to be much simpler than the main melody (lots of note repetition and single notes instead of chords), so they're easier to get into

Pick the C major scale. This is all the white keys you see on a piano keyboard. It's the easiest to get the hang of

Use this as the base for understanding music better
woohhh... I am also a beginner and after reading this thread I am also confident that I can make music myself <3
kevin91 wrote:
Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:10 am
woohhh... I am also a beginner
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