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Hi Guys,
So I'm trying to get Synth1 working, but I don't have Vestige on my version of LMMS, so I search on the forum "How to install Vestige" or "problems with VEstige" and all I get it "Sorry your message contains words that are too common and produced too many results"

You must have Vestige in lmms. All official versions of lmms has vestige (i don't know if there was in really older ones). If you can't see it, or you don't know how to find and use it, or you have downloaded a corrupt installer of lmms.

If you're on an old version, just download the 1.1.3 stable version (or 1.2.0 beta version, if you prefer) from here, and reinstall it.
If you are already on lmms 1.1.3 or higher, try reinstall it anyway.

But before doing this the correct process to open synth1 in lmms is: click on the plugin sidebar (is the first one on the left), scroll down unless you can see VeSTige (if you can't reinstall as i said), then drag&drop it on your song editor. After this, click on it to open, and then click on the green folder icon on the screen, search for synth1 vst file (is a .dll file), and double click it. Thenwait for synth1 loading and tadah! it's done.

P.S. Maybe you could have to unzip synth1 if it is still a zipped file. Also you can put the synth1 folder anyway.

Hope it helped :)
Cobwobbler wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:35 pm
I'm trying to get Synth1 working,
Yes search sucks on CB boards
But lets look at your issue.
for win users VST is default, so my guess is that you are on linux?
You need WINE for Vestige on Linux, but we have made an App-Image for linux users, and i strongly advise you to get that here: ... 4.AppImage
Deinstall and reinstall the App-Image