Too old to Rock and Roll, too young to die...

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.Too old to Rock and Roll, too young to die..

I know that names been taken but it fits.

I started with Midi in 1983 with a Roland Juno 106.
I had a RS232 to Midi box built and someone wrote a librarian for it with Midi exclusive messages.
Then in 1980's I got a Kurzweil K1000 PX Plus.
Then came General Midi (not a soldier, guys.)
So I got a cheap Yamaha PSR-160 with DIN Midi and built in songs.
All was well until 2010 when I got an Akai Synthstation to use with an iPod as CPU.
Apple changed the 51 pin wiring and it became a USB controller.
In 2015 I got an Akai LPD8 as a USB drum pad.
In 2018 I got back to the General and Roland Go:Keys 61k with built in beat machine !
I wrote Roland in Japan to get a (non-disclosure agreement) Midi implementation chart for same.
In 2018 Christmas I got a smaller Akai MPC mini play with the General on board.
I saw some fancy Akai drum & beat devices and figured I had enough to use Linux to do the same.
I remembered LMMS and was pleased to see it has made the cross platform trip.

In Linux I just do a aconnect 24:0 20:0 to patch the Midi devices Out to In like the old days with wires.
I want to start there with LMMS to make a patch bay without needing JACK in Windows 10 1809.
Microsoft has dropped Midi Mapper but I never liked it anyway.

So your mission should decide to accept is help me to get a keyboard controller (or sequencer) to Output
to a hardware General Midi module (or sound font) with LMMS. I need to "Start Over" as I see a lot to forget and
to learn.

Who's up for a little Rock and Roll mashup ?

Lee T. Davy
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Retired at 65 in 2017 !
I have no idea if it will work, but in LMMS it's relative simple.

Select for midi input the keyboard and for midi out the midi module.

I am not an midi expert but I can see at least one problem.

I have a keystation mini 32 hooked in LMMS but through usb, not midi.

Unlike the Atari ST I once had, my pc does not have the "real" midi connectors. ( the round ones )
I also have USB on the devices.
The problem in Windows is there needs to be an application that connects two USB class complaint Midi devices.
LMMS has that but which plugin has no function except connect Midi Out to Midi In ?
If I use any VST I get audio on internal Windows as well.

BTW, I just got a Linux (Ubuntu Studio 18.10) build(s) completed so I can learn on Ubuntu (again) then
use it on 32 bit all-in-one Insignia Flex 11 tablet running Windows 10 1809 (32 bit) as a Midi connection manager.
Tablet fits with the Akai MPK mini play in a childs backpack so whole studio with pad and 25 keyboard includes General Midi sound to offload from the 32 bit Atom Z8350 with 2gb touch screen tablet.

The bigger Windows System is an older $1,200 HP Sprout given to me and now they are bigger, better, faster for $4,439.00 being touted as immersive technology workstation .
It is dual boot with Ubuntu above mention.

I'll try to use project files between all these devices and configurations.
I saw the $1,200 Akai MPC Live so am trying to have the same function for less.

I'll post here as I solve problems in configuring and portability.
Carla might be able to do that .

But I am still trying to figure out Carla myself.
Cool Games wrote:
Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:36 pm
.Too old to Rock and Roll, too young to die..
not a soldier, guys.
That's too bad. You don't have a cool sword to lift whenever a poet sheaths his pen.

Jeff Nadrich