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Hello guys!

My name is Alex and I would like to participate in the creation and evolution of Lmms. The problem which I confrunt is that I don't really know what to do in order to get started.
I would like to dwell in the programming language, but the thing is that I have never worked in c++ (I have experienced with java if that might help?!).
What I ask from you, is a small guide from where I could get started and what resources/libraries are used in the composition of the program.
I hope you don't mind my question, because I am dead serious about it!

Kind regards, Alex Z.
LightZ wrote:Hello guys!
Hi, Welcome to the forum LightZ ! Here are all our important links:
-And a few rules for Avatars, signatures, posting and using the right sub-forum :)

I would like to dwell in the programming language, but the thing is that I have never worked in c++
It is a complicated language, and the code is advanced. The lmms-code is not something i would recommend for a beginner in c++/ qt
(I have experienced with java if that might help?!).
It depends. If you are a seasoned java-programmer with a university background, or perhaps a clever game-developer, perhaps insight in dll-coding? -Then you may also be able to handle the lmms-code, but download the code and study it. You can ask about code on the hub, but start by simply reading and see what you understand, and what you feel you could work with.
You will find links to files and instructions on getting a repository on the hub, in the links i gave you above. Keyword here is "Get involved" :)
Just a thought...
What if I try to get some sort of library for LMMS in java?
Do you think it will worth the effort?

I'm planning just to use it as some sort of fast link between wav formats, but much more graphical with a search bar for elements?!

Kind regards,
there are some stand-alone programs, that tries to add functionality to lmms, but they are gradually 'absorbt' into native lmms. A stand-alone for sound-file conversions already exists in so many versions, most uses Audacity.
An axillary JAVA plugin, that would run with lmms, and be controlled from within a lmms menu, would have to be cleared with project lead @tresf
So that is where you should take that.
Have you examined the lmms-code?
I had a little look over the code. It is well written I can say and clean/clear to follow. The thing is that I still need to look over it to get the grasp of what is happening there!
Hello !

I guess I am rude for not replying with the welcoming salute every time. My apologies for that.

I think it would be wise to show the graphical implementation of what I am thinking to bring up;
That way the project will be better defined and it will help me focus on what I want/need to do .
On top of that, you, the LMMS community, might give me some advices or good ideas?!

P.S. I am really sorry for not being helpful with the c++ code, but at the current moment I barely started scratching its surface.

King regards
LightZ wrote:
Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:21 am
@ LightZ,
I strongly recommend you swing on over to GitHub, our devel mailing list and discord.

A Java background is just fine for starters. We need all the help we can get!
Though it's related, it's not really much to do with LMMS...
C++ isn't too much of a jump from JAVA... but I wouldn't recommend working with someone elses code while learning...

Everyone makes C++ seem impossible to learn, it's really not... it just takes time. Figure out small projects and
work towards them. I'd highly recommend the book "Jumping into C++" by Alex Allain (who also works on
the website .... so that's a good resource.

Well, I hope that helps and I didn't just take a weird tangent for the conversation.
Second the replies you've got above, the C++ is pretty complicated language to deal with when you're on your top of the beginning.
Me either experienced with java only, but I had my fresh start in the same way as you've done hear - just got the source code of one simple application and tried out to figure out with it.
As you may guessed, I failed up, and now I understand that this is not that way how it works. Firstly you need right informational source in order to make it clear with all the basics, like this one I use for java There are all the answers on common questions to poorly experienced programmers, so it is written in quite easy-to-understand way. Nevertheless, I think you should check this out and do some searching, maybe there is similar one on c++ or something.
supriyala wrote:
Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:42 am
tresf I agree with you!
Fine, but Advertising a commercial java class is not. You need to remove that add, or we will issue a warning. Remove it!