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Hi all,

I am really new at this. And forgive me if it has been asked before I could not find a post on it if it has.

What is the best way to mix vocal audio in with the music created in lmms? Would you save out a wav of the music from lmms and take that into audacity or do the reverse and take the recorded vocals into lmms?

Has anyone got samples of music they created that contain vocals and lmms music, let me hear them and tell me how did you combine them?
I used to use Audacity to mix audio, but it's just as easy in LMMS. I just add the vocals (saved as wav files) to a project just like any other sample.

Here are a couple examples of movie vocals added to tracks.

Bad Guy on SoundCloud

Medieval on SoundCloud
Hi petriknz,

here's an example from me:
I took the vocals on different Tracks in the Beat & Bassline Editor. Every one has a different start- and endpoint and they are going through different channels of the FX-Mixer.
You can also import the vocals into the songeditor but i like the way by using the LMMS-sampleplayer, because then it's possible to set up different points, attack, decay and sustain and with drawing notes it's possible to set a lenght.

The problem on using vocals in LMMS is, that you can't pitch them correctly without changing the speed. That's called "the chipmonk-effect" :). If you want to transpose them you must do this in Audacity.
Placing the vocals in Audacity has the problem, that you have no kind of beatgrid.

When you're running LMMS on Windooze you can also try out a third party sampleplayer

So .. try out a mix of that and find yourself your best way.


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