general questions: stretching samples.

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i just wanted to know how to do these things:
1. add lenght time of the chosen sample (ex make a 1 sec sample 3 sec)
2. in the piano roll, drag ALL the notes to the 0 as to make the recording start exactly when you start playing the notes and not a delay between the beginning of the recording and the notes playing
3. add/ take off reverb
4. raise/decrease volume of JUST ONE instrument or sample
antopaty wrote:
Mon Oct 14, 2019 4:54 am
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I have to ask you to make separate questions and not a bundle like you did :) Only separate questions and answers can be of any use for others, in a knowledge database. Also remember to use a descriptive headline :)

However i can tell you that stretching x secd to y secd is not possible in LMMS. You need to use a different software. Audacity is recommended
I am Not being smart, but i think you will find a lot of what you after here,