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Tell me ... The note panning doesn't really change the panning's note ... So what this thing is really doing ? And what should I change in the code if I want the note panning to really change the panning's note ?
panning means sending signal to stereo channels (left/right). And lmms note-panning does exactly that.
If (and im guessing..) you referes to portamento where notes 'slides' in pitch, you can achive this with ZynAddSubFX and LB302, and most vst's has this feature, but you cant automate 3. party vst's i lmms.

Nah, I'm talking about the panning.

"panning means sending signal to stereo channels (left/right). And lmms note-panning does exactly that. "

Yeah, but, when I put the note panning to the maximum up, it doesn't send the signal only to the left channel
..well, the piano-roll panning do leave a tiny signal for the 'outpanned' channel, so it would qualify as a glitch.
The Knob 'PAN' on the song-editor for each instrument does however completely close the outpanned channel.
Yeah, I know that, but how to play with the panning for only few notes ?

i know three different ways to change the panning of notes:
1. On the PianoRoll (click left on the text "note volume" if you can't see it)
2. The pan-knob of the plugin
3. LADSPA-Plugin called Stereophinic Matrix.

If you're using 2 and 3 and want to get it more flexible or moving: try to automate the knob with an LFO-Controller or drag it into an automation-track.

I'll check this out, thanks.

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