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I would like to know ... Yes, I can install Nexus 1 or 2 to the LmmS

I await your responses.
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Kanux wrote:
Sun May 24, 2020 3:05 pm
can I install Nexus 1 or 2 to the LmmS
It depends on what type of VST you have. Lmms support VST2, but not VST3!
I would advice against buying Nexus, without knowing if it can work, so you should get a demo version and test that!
Here is all the info about how to use VST in lmms:
Make sure you know that you can install VSTs, you could f.i. start by getting this VST:
-up and working perfectly. It is very small in size, and you can just copy its dll to your VST-folder. Further its a quite good piano-instrument, so it is a win win