My speakers are not working, but don't worry.

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Okay, so for the last few weeks, you guys might have noticed that I haven't commented, on any of the new tunes, you all posted in the music projects section of the forum, for the past few weeks. That is because my good PC speakers are not working, moreso the right speaker with the power on and off dial.

I have other speakers, but music sounds super lame on them, like literally.
I thought logitech pc speakers were good. :P

I'm trying to fix my old speakers, and at the same time, get a new pair of speakers so I can listen to your songs again. It'll take a few weeks to get a new pair though. So in the meantime, our favourite Lmms resident musikbear, gps and others, will give advice on your tunes for now.

Hopefully, I get some speakers soon and not months later. :D
Good luck :)
Thanks. :D
Just because I haven't posted in a while, doesn't mean I've disappeared. Lol! I'm still working on getting some new speakers. This will take a while. I need one that sounds as good, as the old one I was previously using. No way I'm going to spend money on speakers that sound like crap, even if it's a big brand name speakers. Lol!
You need to hurry up. :P

You still have to watch my vid. With, at least I think so improved version of the music track.

Are you looking for studio monitors, or ?
I hope you get what you want as soon as possible play store تحميل
brandystarbrite wrote:
Sun Sep 06, 2020 4:11 am
Hopefully, I get some speakers soon and not months later. :D
Good luck bruv.
New speakers are coming. I tried out a few over the past few months and they are a waste of time. I will be back to reviewing music again, hopefully before the end of March.
Sounds Good :)

Okay. Good news.
As the saying goes, better late than never.

I got a pair of speakers, and I'm going to test them out, either tonight or tomorrow. They might not be as good as the ones I normally use, but hopefully, the audio quality is close to the goodness of the original ones, that I normally use for making music, and reviewing music from lmms users on this forum. :)