How to make money from my music?

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Do you have a website to sell my music?
Rafaelcortazio wrote:
Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:31 pm
Do you have a website to sell my music?
LMMS users have to find their own way of selling their music. A lot of then use Bandcamp to sell their music. As for me, I use both Bandcamp and a distribution service called Soundrop that handles putting some of my bigger releases on Spotify, iTunes, etc.
If you want, you could try itunes as well.
sound cloud works as well) especially for the newbies on the market) there are so many various ways to earn "easy money". I personally appreciate online surveys for money. As for me, it's the easiest way to earn money for sharing your experience and opinion. I've discovered a great source with all reliable sites offering this kind of job.That actually seems to be the most trustworthy site explaining all the details of this job. I adore the fact that the whole sum of money you earn depends only on you and your work))
Hie I saw this other Web ... reloaded=1
You can distribute your tracks for free (so they claim) on major sites.

Please check out my song:

I was looking for ways to publish it when I stumbled on that Web.
I put my heart into it & I'd appreciate some honest opinion before I can find means to put it out there.
Thanks in advance
As I know, there are some special sites that are specialized in this aspect. It is also possible to use different streaming services, as I know. Can someone recommend me actual platforms for that aim. Sry for digging, I haven't found the topic better
You can:
Earn streaming royalties through digital distribution.
Make money playing gigs.
Sell band merchandise online.
oh, that is a hard way to earn
You can try soundcloud, spotify, itunes, even youtube is a good way to make money from music.
In general, a lot depends on what music you make, because you need to make something unique. Nowadays, many people try to promote their songs and the market is full of songs of different genres and not all of them become popular. Also, you can try using TikTok. You are blessed that you have the opportunity and the talent to make music and receive money in return. I'm not so lucky haha. That's why I try my succes in game apps that pay instantly to Paypal. Many say it's stupid, but who knows.
I'm actually trying to come up with an idea to easily promote my tunes. I have some ideas, but I have to test them out first. If it works, I will share my ideas with you guys in a new topic.