How did you learn how to make music?

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I have been listening to some of the music you guys make and I was wondering how did you learn to make such good music? Did you take music classes, or did you just try things and kind of figured it out on your own?
not simple to answer, but here
you may find useful stuff

Thank you again musikbear :)
Hard to explain how to learn 'music making'.

I've chosen this way:
- Learned some instruments to know all about rythm and other basics. :) Yes .. i still play drums, percussion, keyboard, bass.
- Worked at a place where music is playing. For me it was DJ'ing and moderation some decades ago .. 80's and 90's :D
- Then i've learned over 2 Years with LMMS (!!) and cheap controllers / keyboard to make digital music productions, arranging, mixing, sounddesign and so on.

Very important: Try to connect some other people who want to make own music too. Work together, change informations, share your first songs and get some input what is good and what is wrong.
And don't think that this is an easy way ... it's hard, i know. Even all of the very good and expensive plugins, other DAW-Software, expensive Hardware are not making masters, if you don't know the basics. They are making you better when you've reached a good skill-level, but nothing more.

Cheers from Germany.

Um, that's about all the German I know :oops:

Anyway, thanks for sharing :) did you have a lot of fun DJ'ing back then?
I don't even remember lol. I just played around with programs randomly. More or less just seeing what i could do. Then I ended up using LMMS because it's got a lot of options for customizing music. Yup. Something like that.

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