Hi everyone.

Maybe some of you know me and my music.
After more than two years with LMMS i've expanded my setup with other software and also better hardware.
A lot of people have asked me why i'm still using LMMS or something like "where is LMMS in this song"?

I'm proud to say that i'm still using LMMS, AND other software. Why LMMS? It's easy to answer:
- Unique sounds from the original plugins.
- Automation editor, LFO, sampleplayer / tripleOSC allows REALLY unreached combinations.
- The easy-to-use way for creating patterns and drumloops with simple but effective automations, to make them 'move'
- LADSPA-Effects in combination with plugins of LMMS: i don't know other software who offer this to me.

Yes for sure. LMMS has still some issues, problems, crashes .. but it's great to use, powerful, and free!

Feel free to follow me (look at my profile) and listen, what i want to say :)

Happy beats from Germany.