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Hi there
so to start I have been producing for a bit over 10 months or so, I wont consider myself the correct person to solve any music theory related doubts.I have a youtube channel altough I have not posted much on it. I am looking forward to listening what other people are producing using lmms and learn a few things more! since I am reletively new to music production I dont have any fixed genres as of yet I just make music and then categorise them into diffrent genres. Thats about all that I think would be useful to you guys. And also dont forget to chek out my soundcloud too.
N01S3 wrote:
Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:07 pm
help how do i make my own new thread
1. Choose the appropriate section (News and Announcements, General Chat, Music Projects, etc.),
2. Click on "Post a new topic",
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Hi! A.A.A.954_2 here!

I should introduce myself first... (I love the thread and not the spam)
I am in Britain, England and I'm left out of the Internets music community, since I want to join and I felt like I would make my self a fool or stranger in the making...
I am new to the community and I want to work along friendly and see music produce, as I am NOT a professional musician and I wanted to wonder around... (In a alternate sense of words, when curiosity is a spy and my will is a stone on the floor, because I am easy to pick up and get dragged along with a spy...) Best way to describe a a worst analogy of curiosity....
I like to get along with the developers and the community so thanks for reading my post!

Thanks for adding me in this community!
Hello LMMS Community,
I am CoreSplitter and I am new here, so I would like to introduce myself.
About 40 years ago I played drums in several bands but because of health problems with my hands, a new job and family growth, I stopped playing drums.
Now the children are grown up and my wife is called "Ex", so I have a little time again to deal with music and especially LMMS is exactly the right tool for me to start with making music again.
Hello I am lincoln, I am here to help people and get help and to find good friends, I am net to the forum
Hi, I started to test LMMS about 1 year ago, and try to learn it more seriously and make some tries to write some music with it since few weeks. I'm interested in modular analogue synthesis. I learnt piano for classical music several years when I was young, used several music software on MSX and Amiga, and write a very simple midi recording tool, that write basic score on BeOS twenty years ago. I am interesting in music composition and creating interactive music, for Installation art or interactive applications. I like a large spectrum of musics, and experimental synthesis/recorded ambient sounds pieces.
Welcome to the forum guys. 8-)
Hello all,

I am from Ireland and have been electronic music lover for decades now at this stage.

I had bought and DJ’d my own Vinyl as far back as 1995 and was enjoying electronic music from the days of Adamski and SNAP.

I would have loved at the time to get into making my own music but financially that was out of my reach as a lot of equipment would have been needed and space, I recall a friend at the time with an entire room in the downstairs of his house with multiple keyboards, mixers, drum machines etc, on which he mostly made ambient music.

Anyway, I have been working with LMMS now this past few months as I have recently started rekindling my interest in making music which I never had the opportunity to do many years ago, my latest project I have been working on I feel is coming on nicely and have built a steady track of just over five minutes in length now.

The music i mostly loved in 1994 - 1995 - 1996 onward was Hard Techno & Hard Trance, this is the kind of stuff i am working on with LMMS.

I still have my Vinyl records and turntables, a lot of my Vinyl would be on the NOOM label, thats the style i am going for.
Iv'e been interested in 'electronic music' for well over 30 years (!) and never really had the opportunity to ingulge in my interest until now. :)
Been using Linux / Debian as my OS of choice for a number of years now. A couple of weeks ago, when, for some reason, my interest in music making was rekindled, I came across LMMS :)

So I decided to take the plunge and create a, ahem, 'home studio'...

So, my 'studio' consists of:

Hardware & OS:

Intel Core i3 8350K CPU (4 Core, 4 GHz per core)
Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro Motherboard
Onboard sound card from the above (ALC1220 ?)
16 Gb Ram
120 Gb SSD + 150 Gb WD Raptor Spinning Rust HDD for storage
Nvidia 1050 GFX
Monitor: 42" Toshiba 'Smart' TV (used as std. TV and PC monitor)
Debian 'Stretch' 9.5.0 64 Bit, Std Kernel
Korg 25 Key microKEY USB Midi Keyboard
AKG k240 Studio Headphones (I live in a flat, so using Monitor Speakers is not really an option...) :)

LMMS - 1.1.3
Hydrogen - 0.9.7 (Not sure if I should use this, I'm thinking I should stick with LMMS Beat & Bassline editor for now - I need to learn the basics!)
Qjackctl - 0.4.4
Audacity - 2.1.2

TBH, my interests really lie with the beat, not necessarily the melody - I know it's all important, but for me, the attraction of *any* song is the beat, no matter who by or what genre.

Having spent some time investigating online about music production, etc. I've started to pickup some clues from tracks I listen to, but, as is typical, the more I start to know, the more I realise I don't know!
Sorry for the long first post, i'm afraid I might be bothering the forums with noobie questions for a while...

Hey fellows !

Greatings from the West side of the France : "Salut Camarades ! " .

I'm a conviced linux user since 1999 and was keeping a win machine 15 years back to make music as music in linux was not well at this time.

I made some electronic, hiphop and primally dub sounds , those in live using Fruity Loops 2 to 8 ( sorry it was not FL back in time :D ) .
I finally forgot music production and so left Windows away from my house back in 2k8.

I had a test on the early Lmms that has not conviced me to go on, but i took a look at it from years to years, so did I in maybe June of 2018, then I was like "hohoho better and better !!!" , so I bought some hardware to give it a go.

So is my setup :

an old T440p Lenovo laptop with 8gig ram and 256Gig SSD running ubuntu studio
my old miditech midi controller
my new akai midimix
a focusrite scarlett 2i4

I made some projects, but still not good enough to present them I guess, maybe later.

So : à bientôt les amis 8-)
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