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Hi there
so to start I have been producing for a bit over 10 months or so, I wont consider myself the correct person to solve any music theory related doubts.I have a youtube channel altough I have not posted much on it. I am looking forward to listening what other people are producing using lmms and learn a few things more! since I am reletively new to music production I dont have any fixed genres as of yet I just make music and then categorise them into diffrent genres. Thats about all that I think would be useful to you guys. And also dont forget to chek out my soundcloud too.
N01S3 wrote:
Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:07 pm
help how do i make my own new thread
1. Choose the appropriate section (News and Announcements, General Chat, Music Projects, etc.),
2. Click on "Post a new topic",
3. Fill in the "Subject" field and write what you want in the field below,
4. Click on "Submit"
Hi! A.A.A.954_2 here!

I should introduce myself first... (I love the thread and not the spam)
I am in Britain, England and I'm left out of the Internets music community, since I want to join and I felt like I would make my self a fool or stranger in the making...
I am new to the community and I want to work along friendly and see music produce, as I am NOT a professional musician and I wanted to wonder around... (In a alternate sense of words, when curiosity is a spy and my will is a stone on the floor, because I am easy to pick up and get dragged along with a spy...) Best way to describe a a worst analogy of curiosity....
I like to get along with the developers and the community so thanks for reading my post!

Thanks for adding me in this community!
Hello LMMS Community,
I am CoreSplitter and I am new here, so I would like to introduce myself.
About 40 years ago I played drums in several bands but because of health problems with my hands, a new job and family growth, I stopped playing drums.
Now the children are grown up and my wife is called "Ex", so I have a little time again to deal with music and especially LMMS is exactly the right tool for me to start with making music again.
Hello I am lincoln, I am here to help people and get help and to find good friends, I am net to the forum
Hi, I started to test LMMS about 1 year ago, and try to learn it more seriously and make some tries to write some music with it since few weeks. I'm interested in modular analogue synthesis. I learnt piano for classical music several years when I was young, used several music software on MSX and Amiga, and write a very simple midi recording tool, that write basic score on BeOS twenty years ago. I am interesting in music composition and creating interactive music, for Installation art or interactive applications. I like a large spectrum of musics, and experimental synthesis/recorded ambient sounds pieces.
Welcome to the forum guys. 8-)

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