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Hello my name is Spooderboi and I'm pretty confident in my music creation but still no expert. i been using lmms since 1.1.3. Last year during the summer I learned most of mixing and master from my cousin who produces mostly EDM music, and I learned music theory from marching band. I compose mostly touhou styled music because I got hooked to touhou from my brother, but I am flexible and willing to try new things whenever I have the time. I like cute things, candies, and metroidvania's.

Before you say anything, only a real man can admit liking cute things. I also like my coffee with alot of sugar and alot of cream.

Here's my soundcloud, avoid the old songs cuz those suck.
it's so good, i can't believe something so free, can do sooo much! it's good when u want to try new stuff, but don't have the money for the fancy expensive stuff. I tried several other (free / free trial) programs, but this is the best yet!
hey guys, I love music. :D
Hey guys happy to be around, mx player
sazers wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:56 am
hey guys, I love music. :D
Cool! :D

Welcome to the forum sazers.

I want to make music that doesn't exist yet.
Some kind of light dark dubby psybient ambient. But groovy.
Tried some dj'ing, now jumping into producing.

Fun fact: Years ago I also wanted to produce music so I build a PC with a great soundchip and called it Nebula. Because that is where stars are born. And I never actually did it. xD It was a nice PC though and I have dabbled into stuff. Now ready to RUMBLE.
Hmm lets see if I am doing this right ...
My stuff is:
A 64bit lenovo pc
Linux Mint 19
LMMS 17 (current linux version)
current WINE installation
no external hardware currently

for all my life I am working with electronics, did programming in the days of delphi und .net and like to play with my synthi (Korg Polysix).
I do have certain experience and knowledge, regarding music (Basic guitar skills, can read notes :), know a lot about sound physics - I have built a synthi in my early days)
My job takes a heavy toll on me (and other circumstances) AND a lot of time.BUT I want to get back to music, sounds and electronics.

So currently I try to find my way through all the information about todays ways to make music, like
using DAW, MIDI controllers (like the Akai and others). and playing with stuff that is freely available.

I want to expand my HW set by some synthies (hardware) by buing or building them myself.
Still there is also the possibility of using DAW and software synths, so I downloaded several sw synths which I try to implement as vst into lmms but to no avail so far, but this is another story for a different thread.

Actually I would like to work WITH people because all the vast information often do not make things transparent.

so my main topics are:
  • Running a DAW to generate nice sounds and try to make even music out of that :)
  • Recording sounds from hardware sources (Synthies) which may be Midi controlled by the same DAW
  • Recording all the sounds by a multi track recorder, which my be a SW Recording Studio (or a HW like a BOSS 8 Track recording studio device)
  • Adding guitar, flutes, natural drum and so forth (Which makes a mixer necessary) to all of this.
Currently I try to
  • figure if a DAW and a sw audio recorder are similar
  • how to use lmms with some sense (not having a midi controller available yet)
  • figure the difference between lmms and ardour
  • how to add sw synthies to lmms
  • figure what my technical setup might have to be, as to:
    • which Audio USB interface should I buy
    • which nice small synthis there are in the world
    • is lmms the only thing i need to do a full recording or do I have to use different software to do the actual recording with respect to analog external audio sources like microphones, guitars, synthies, drums and so forth
    • Which recording studio software it should be if not lmms
    • Which midi controller to by (49 keys at least), what is the necessary functionality I really need
You see, there are a lot of questions on the table and ACTUALLY I need someone to TALK this through, a workshop like.
And you nice people here are the first to be confronted with this mess :)
Currently I fight with getting lmms under control (with no midi controller at hand and I do not like the sw keyboards or tipping away with no sense on my pc keyboard)

The first goal I reached was getting the OB_XD SW synth connected to lmms, which seems NOT to be a VST but something that runs on stand alone (correct me if I am wrong, but VST does not work for me at the very moment) by connecting tit via MIDI channel to a synthy plug in within lmms.
BUT.. now I believe I need to record sound from lmms AND other software sources .. so this can't be lmms beeing the recording studio.

You see a lot to learn.
With what could you help me?
  • Hints on where to find a workshop which covers my questions :)
  • Hints on really usefull youtube tutorials
(I do NOT want to read and view all that stuff out there in the world of internet, some of you MUST know where the real usefull information can be found, I think you know the problem.)
  • Are there useful books (ebook, paper) on lmms,
  • Information about mixed audio recording using PC and PC-Software which is NOT Apple
What I try next:
  • Writing another post re lmms and VeSTige and my inability to convince VeSTige to accpet my VST SW synthies
  • Trying to make sens out of working lmms by reading the lmms wiki/tutorial
  • Find someone who can talk me through some basic stuff.
Thank you all for reading through all of this and NOT crashing on me :)
There ARE several questions buried in here, if some of you have answer I would be grateful

THX for reading an possible answers

Welcome, but LMMS 17 does not exist.

On Linux we have two options to install LMMS. We can install the one from our package manager, which most of the time, gives an old version, or download the appimage file from here. Download it, set rights to executable, and double click it to start LMMS.


Latest version 1.2.2.

LMMS can record midi but can't record real sound. There is however audacity, which can record music, which we then can play in LMMS, through the audio file processor.

You only need wine, if you want to use vst, but you probably want to. However do not use wine to run the LMMS windows version.

There are manny good tutorials on you tube, Cubician has some.

Recording sounds from hardware sources (Synthies) which may be Midi controlled by the same DAW
I do not know if you can do this yet wit LMMS. I know they were working on midi out from LMMS, but I lost track of how far they are on that.
Recording all the sounds by a multi track recorder, which my be a SW Recording Studio (or a HW like a BOSS 8 Track recording studio device)
I can't answer this, but there is a forum were they probably can answer this.

Not having a midi controller yet is not that important.
You can use your mouse to put in notes in the piano roll, and even use your pc keyboard.

Ardour can record music but is not free. Not the latest version that is. There is probably a free old version in your package manager though.

How to use VST on Linux.

It is best to start a new topic though, and ask the questions not answered yet in this topic. :)

He says LMMS is unstable, this is not true any more, still his advice is good, save and save allot.
What I often do while working on a project is saving under a different name.
So I end up with mytrack1, mytrack2, mytrack3 and so on.
hi, this is the first occasion when I've joined a discussion on the web and I am upbeat there is a benevolent network here. I have been utilizing lmms for a couple of months now yet as of late began quitting any and all funny business about returning to mechanical metal music (my foundations) so I am finding out about the use of impacts and tests to metal music just as the blending acing measure.
Hi everyone!

I'm "Titan McDohl", 31 years old, from Germany. I like composing my own game BGM.

I've been utilizing:
  • Windows' MIDI synth (by Roland IIRC) since 2000 or 2001; some 30€-software called "Cappricio".
  • Linux. Timidity++ since 2004 or something; "Fluid" soundfont; NoteEdit; Rosegarden; real-time capturing of MIDI as well as electric guitar audio+JackRack. (Should have used the FluidSynth software and tried MuseScore).
  • LMMS since early 2019.
I should have found out about LMMS way earlier - MIDI is a hopeless mess, except for real-time playing/recording.

You never really know where the soundfonts originate from. If I were a law abusing company, I'd put up a soundfont on some web page and write "I don't know where I originally found the samples", which is what most web pages with soundfonts actually say.

Using LMMS is a lot more straightforward.

You can use LMMS for commercial game BGM - this convinced me to start using LMMS.

Now I'm here to join the technical discussion (ask for help :lol:) and perhaps upload some instrument presets on the Sharing Platform.
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