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My name is Lien, I am working with LMMS ever since the pandemic kicked in... finally I have the patience to sit down and start learning it for real.

I'm a singer and wrote a few compositions, however I don't play any other instrument but I have always been very much into electronic music anyway. So I've decided that mastering how to make it myself is the best choice for me.

It is quite a struggle because I have problems with sitting down behind the computer but an hour a day I can manage hahaha
I was already in the support page a few times and I like it here. Shout out to LMMS :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Currently I'm trying out VST's and making some beat- and basslines, an occasional melody, they are on my Soundcloud:

If you'd like to connect, you can find me on the usual suspects:
https://www.facebook.com/lien.pisters/ https://www.instagram.com/lienpisters/

Hey peeps!

I'm relatively new to the forums, but I've been using LMMS for about 3 years now, so I thought it's time to get a little more active.

I've always had an interest in music, having my first thought of producing music myself when I was maybe 10 YO. Though I never knew how and where to start.
Fast forward 11 years and I finally took the first step and got LMMS.

My soundcloud is basically showing my progress since starting out.

My name is Sustainerz, this is my nick name. I am not new in Lmms, but in the forum I am new. I have been using Lmms for 3-4 years. My favorit genre the hardstyle, and I make my sound design, and I produce my songs. My favorite instruments ZynAddSubFX and TripleOscillator, and of course VST plugins.

I'm happy to be here.
Hello everybody, I'm from India and I'm a newbie and just started using a DAW for the very first time :)
I play bass in a math/noise duo, I needed something to work at home when we can't practice together, and also to produce harsh industrial sounds to use with our loop station, so here I am! :D
Hi I'm Favio nice to meet You
I do Amateur Music
Greetings all,

I'm new to LMMS. and music. the last 1-2weeks.

gotten some answers concerning these gatherings this evening and figured out how to do a couple of things I was interested in, since I began on here, because of a post or 2 on here with video tuts. so a debt of gratitude is in order for those! I feel I'm currently gone from complete fledgeling to a cross between amateur and middle of the road - I simply need to become acquainted with every one of the sounds and how they go together, so I can make some great, music wounds and complex music, of different sorts.

I'm discovering this is acceptable to grime around with after work, or when feeling down, or pushed, to help unwind and destress. ideally, it can turn out to be more later on.

it's so acceptable, I can't accept something so free, can do so much! it's acceptable when u need to attempt new stuff, yet don't have the cash for the extravagant costly stuff. I attempted a few other (free/free preliminary) programs, however, this is awesome!

Much obliged IMMS! you makers rock!

and Gratitude to the individuals who make the video tuts!
hi, this is the first occasion when I've joined a gathering on the web and I am cheerful there is a well disposed of local area here. I have been utilizing lmms for a couple of months now however as of late began quitting any funny business with returning to mechanical metal music (my underlying foundations) so I am finding out about the utilization of impacts and tests to metal music just as the blending dominating interaction.
kolx wrote:
Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:09 am
Hi guys,My name is kol,my friends call me kolz like z for the shhh sound and yeah that was ok whatever..I've been using lmms for like a year now , and i've been working on many tracks but i dont really like doing upload and those stuff, and my work is actually based on reggae genre and few from trap so yeah,Thats my thing ,you can ask me any question you want and thats it, Ohh just to let u guyz know if u want more lmms sampz just let me know ok ...hope u guys have great time workin with lmms ..
Hey Kol!

I'm new in here and I was watching a tutorial, i was doing a song but LMMS crashed while I was making a song, i forgot to save and now I don't know what to do to recover the file. Can you help me please?

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