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Thank you for providing valuable information. Are you from India.
heenathakur wrote:
Tue Feb 18, 2020 5:44 am
Are you from India.
No Denmark. :)
hi everybody,
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albrechtmyers wrote:
Wed Feb 19, 2020 3:56 am
hi everybody,
Hi, Welcome to the Forum albrechtmyers !
Here are all important links:
-A few rules and useful forum instructions
I decided to join your community 8-)
Hey, guys, I hope this finds you in yours doing well

I am Rolivhuwa Rakhunwana, I thought to introduce myself self but I have been in the forum for months now. I am a Medical Student but I enjoy music, I was thrilled to have Lmms community that is free. I have been using LMMS for the past two years, hence I started making music with LMMS and I have been using it thus far. For the past two years, it has been a struggle as I was not really pursuing improvement on my tracks that much, bt being introduced to New VSTs improved my music. I prefer House and Dance hence my songs will be rhythming around House genre:

Soundcloud official site: https://soundcloud.com/rolivhuwa-rakhunwana
one of my best tracks : https://soundcloud.com/rolivhuwa-rakhunwana/exams

I just finished reading all the posts in this thread and enjoyed picturing each lmms user with their unique perspective and history.

I'm quite new to lmmms. And don't want to wait too long to introduce myself.

This is because to me this activity is about channeling and expressing an inner world, about sharing and connecting with other 'creatures', about curiosity, the pleasure found in the textures of sound... so this forum seems key to the experience.

Ive been making music in bands and then alone with my guitar+singing for >10 years now. What moves me is composition, catchy yet slightly odd melodies, rhythmic sections that make you tremble into dance, exploration of which rarities can sound 'musical'.

As I dive into this daw (which is a treasure of collective effort and love, *thank you*) and into electronic music in general I want to go slow but deeply incorporating ideas, a new listening sensitivity, the poetry of drones and automations. Developing hand-eyes-ears-mind for computer made music.

I started listening to a podcast, a history of electronic music started by Paul Sheeky. http://www.ahoem.org/
I like it and it helps me understand more about this wold which has always been strange but fascinating from the outside. Perhaps the less electronica-oriented users like myself will find it interesting.

I'll stop here, with a great thank you to all developers. And hoping to participate often as I wander in this oscillating forest.


powered by: silent, wifi-deprived quarantine in an isolated farm :idea:
Hello everyone,
I am glad to be here and to read tips from you or to listen your song.
I try hard to make songs but it is sometimes difficult to find time between work and family life.
I am from France, try to make mostly rap beat. I play drums for years so it is more difficult for me to create melody than drums line ^^

You can follow my youtube channel where I plan to upload song when my skills will be a little bit better. For now some songs are on soundcloud where you can follow me too.

See you soon around the forum.

I'm Dave2002-lmms - and my first name really is David (Dave). I guess I'm probably one of the oldest around here - I am considered vulnerable to coronavirus, and I don't have any major underlying health issues, so you can figure that out. I have a long standing interest in music - mostly classical, but occasionally I go to jazz concerts, and have in the past played flute (quite well) and piano - pretty badly. In recent years I took up recorders, as these enabled me to play in a small local music group.

Currently we live in Scotland - way up in the north, though we have lived for years close to London, and we have also lived in other countries - USA - California, and Sweden.

I never was a musician, though I did think of becoming one. Instead I studied science, maths, computer science and engineering, and made a sort of career out of those. Kept me off the streets, anyway.

I found MuseScore because I wanted to set music for the recorder group, and it took me maybe a month to become reasonably fluent in MuseScore. Then I discovered DAWs, and tried Garageband then Reaper, and then moved on to Logic Pro X and Reaper. I still find Reaper tricky, and Logic fairly easy.

I enjoyed loking for different virtual instruments, but some of the ones I found no longer work in MacOS since Apple MacOS moved to Catalina. That's a pain, as they were working in High Sierra. I have been investigating LMMS more seriously since the lockdown period, as someone wanted to produce a virtual choir, and I wondered if LMMS could do the job. The lack of really good audio integration does let it down slightly, though this may not bother all users. Audacity is an acceptable alternative for purely audio projects, though perhaps video edit tools are a good possibility for virtual music groups. However, few tools are as free - in all senses as LMMS. I would do coding here if I thought I could, and it wouldn't take up too much time. I have previoiusly done what were at the time large software projects, but the world has moved on.

Actually doing the design and coding of software is hard, even now. Specifying what has to be done, or complaining about bugs, while not always easy, is often simple compared with actually doing the work. Even a two or three year old can be critical of software - "the roof isn't big enough, and it's not red enough, and there should be windows in it, and the windows should be higher up ...." Try this next time you design anything for a young child.

I hope to enjoy my time here, and to be a help to others if I can.
What`s up!I am Rich Kiddey, 21 years old. My favourite things are European football,UK edm scene,game and website development. Also I am a big fan of travelling and hiking!
Recently I have finished my 3rd academic year in Maritime School, but that is not the only profession I got in my life, also I am good about architecture. By the way, after a while you will see my first attempt of game development, I`m making a Card Game dedicated to battle-rap.
I want to become a streamer, but I need to choose a good platform to work with, my lovely genres - MMO and MOBA, sometimes playing football simulators.
Hello everybody! I'm a 21 year old music producer from Florida. My Producer name is Squid Boi. I've been using LMMS for about 5 years, but didn't join the forums or community until recently. I use a variety of DAWs, but might make LMMS my main one soon with the recent updates :)

I've released a bunch of songs. And I'm fascinated in the world of Sound Design! I also watch Anime, practice DJing, and do random computer stuff. Hoping to contribute to the LMMS community with some tutorials, themes, tracks and more eventually! :D
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