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Hello my name is Spooderboi and I'm pretty confident in my music creation but still no expert. i been using lmms since 1.1.3. Last year during the summer I learned most of mixing and master from my cousin who produces mostly EDM music, and I learned music theory from marching band. I compose mostly touhou styled music because I got hooked to touhou from my brother, but I am flexible and willing to try new things whenever I have the time. I like cute things, candies, and metroidvania's.

Before you say anything, only a real man can admit liking cute things. I also like my coffee with alot of sugar and alot of cream.

Here's my soundcloud, avoid the old songs cuz those suck.
it's so good, i can't believe something so free, can do sooo much! it's good when u want to try new stuff, but don't have the money for the fancy expensive stuff. I tried several other (free / free trial) programs, but this is the best yet!
hey guys, I love music. :D
Hey guys happy to be around, mx player
sazers wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:56 am
hey guys, I love music. :D
Cool! :D

Welcome to the forum sazers.

I want to make music that doesn't exist yet.
Some kind of light dark dubby psybient ambient. But groovy.
Tried some dj'ing, now jumping into producing.

Fun fact: Years ago I also wanted to produce music so I build a PC with a great soundchip and called it Nebula. Because that is where stars are born. And I never actually did it. xD It was a nice PC though and I have dabbled into stuff. Now ready to RUMBLE.
96 posts