good free converter from sfz to sf2 ?

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I tried POLYPHONE Soundfont editor (
but it not work for me
It seems to be working. but this requires checking and editing sfz sometimes.
in my example editing path for samples -> i commented this problem setting "default_path=sfz Xylophone\"
and copy all samples to root. then coverting was successful.

so now i can convert many free sfz instrument to sf2 and use them from LMMS without any vst plugins. it's great.

anyway maybe exists more advanced converter (with full compatibility)?
Perhaps you can write a complete tutorial, and it can be added to the wiki?
i thinks it's simple

- load install application from
- run application
- load some sfz bank
- save as sf2

and if you have problems with loading samples then check sfz file in any text editor and change path for samples or remove setting "default_path=YOUR PATH"

that's it
Ok, thanks i will add it.