The Coolness of Delay Lama Vst

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Nope my journey didn't end. :D
Now in the age of 2017, my journey continues, from where I left off. 8-)

As I first set off on my Delay Lama Journey last year, I tested Delay lama
with all sorts of Lmms internal effects.
Some effects, made him sound cooler, while others,.....well,......did the complete opposite. :P

No surprise, Calf reverb, always in most cases, makes things sound cool. 8-)

I'm going to try and automate the dials, and see what vocal sounds
and choruses, I could make him sing. 8-)
I shall post my findings, since I know people will be interested in this, especially when
it comes to vocal synths. And if all goes well, I might make a few tuts on what I find.
Okay dudes. It's 2018.
And it's back to the Delay Lama adventures again.
If I discover any more new cool tricks, I'll share them here with everyone. ;)
Cant wait :)
Late to the party, but if you're an FL Studio user, you can automate the vowels of the Delay Lama plugin by messing with the pitch nob:


Make sure to change the range to 12!
Aye nice. I myself discovered that a few years ago in lmms.