Actual "free" Vst's, samples, and such

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Do you have beef with misleading "free" stuff?

It's all the same to the clam

The Chill Fox wrote:I use kairatune all the time when making my songs. It's the fastest vst for me.
AHA! Thank you sir. If you don't mind sharing, what is your OS/computer specs? (Ive got WIndows 10, 2.1Ghz duo core i3, and a bosslike 12 gigs of ram!!!!!! God Bless and good day
I have one of the worst computers of all time, lol.
4GB of ram. Windows 10
Processors: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1900 @1.99GHz 1.99GHz
64x operating system; 64x based processor
These nice blokes have got plenty of free downloads, updated quite frequently. Licenses do vary, but I have found cc/royalty licensed stuff there.
This project looks pretty cool. Signup might be a bother, but the samples are royalty/attribution free and worry free too! they make the samples themselves
mrlmmsguy wrote:These nice blokes have got plenty of free downloads, updated quite frequently. Licenses do vary, but I have found cc/royalty licensed stuff there.
Thanks for the links. :)

I just noticed, that you put up your sample packs, on
And it even has a nice explanation text too.
Very cool! 8-)

As promised, I'll check out your sample packs, as soon as I finish my music projects. 8-)
I have one too:
most suff to pay, but there are free sample packs too.
To be fair, the VST specification itself isn't free by some people's definition.

When dealing with open source software, the term "free" can represent many things. ... -in-speech
mrlmmsguy wrote:
roy38 wrote: I rarely use, external soundfiles, it just gets too complicated and i do not want to get sued or go to jail, so i just don't bother, plus with lmms, you should be able to recreate your "own" sounds with enough experience and helpful people on the forum for guidance and advice.
There is a reason they are called "royalty free", sir. If you take the time to read the licenses that come with this stuff you can have the legal terms laid out before you perfectly clearly. Royalty free essentially means you can use the stuff for whatever the heck you want. If they request attribution, you attribute them, if they ask you don't distribute, you don't distribute them.
The ones I recommend are all free to be used in commercial and noncommercial projects.
Ok cool, i will have a look at those vst that you posted. Maybe i am a little kitty kat but i am still scared to use these things. I dont make money from my productions, i suppose i will be safe. Thank you Mrlmmsguy :D
New Links! A collection of claps Copyright free and redistibutable. Provided you don't try make money from the redistribution.
Fresh Touch Media has some good sample packs.
Royalty free. Non-distributable, mind you
Function Loops has some free sound packs as well. They'll ask for your email, but hey, it's a lot of stuff. You guessed it: royalty free.
Lastly, this wonderful, kindhearted, not at all ridiculous individual has a pair of sample packs he'd like to give to you. ... nouncement
What are the conditions? Take three guesses and the first two don't count. :mrgreen:
God Bless and good day
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