Actual "free" Vst's, samples, and such

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Do you have beef with misleading "free" stuff?

It's all the same to the clam

It's Christmas season. :D
Add in some more good stuff guys and gals. 8-)

PS: Thanks to this topic, made by mrlmmsguy and pals.
I was able to find, alot of cool musical stuff last week. :D
For the KVR Developer Challenge. 41 free plugins have been released. I've yet to check them all out, but there appear to be some excellent ones here ... dc16-12730
mrlmmsguy wrote: For the KVR Developer Challenge.
Good find!
Lots' Tests needed :p

Help us all, and posts your results

Results (win 32)
name | does it work | what does it make

Noisetar | yes | FX
PapuaMerdeka | Yes | w e i r d sounds
Serpo | NO!
Slam | NO
qyoo | NO!
yoozbl | yes| 303 emulate
mrlmmsguy wrote:For the KVR Developer Challenge.
Oh yeah! Cool find dude. :D
Gonna test them out in a while.

A Vst called Lord of the Springs? :o
Oh well, I guess that means, One spring to rule them all then!! ;) 8-)
brandystarbrite wrote:
A Vst called Lord of the Springs? :o
Oh well, I guess that means, One spring to rule them all then!! ;) 8-)
Hehe...don't quit your day job Brandy ;)

but I gotta check these out later
This site has some very promising looking plugins. Check them out!
This is an awesome. Thanks so much for the infos. I was unaware of the sources about where i could get the roralty free musics. I have been using the music from thought. Hicham is the one producing the music there and he has a unique style of mixing stuffs. Thanks again.
rikmu wrote:This is an awesome. Thanks so much for the infos.
Oooo 'we' have much more of that :p
Besides that since you are new in our forum;
Welcome rikmu ! Here are all our important links:
-And a few rules for Avatars, signatures, posting and using the right sub-forum :)
How about a ton of cool Synth 1 presets, all in one place. 8-) ... -free.html

Special thanks to Gps for reacquainting us with this site.
Thanks dude. :D
Alas, Ghosthack has gone to the dark side... His new pack is out through the rage-inducing Pumpyoursound fangate requiring soundcloud and facebook logins...

Soniss has released 20GB of royalty free sounds in commemoration of GDC 2017 Grab em here

A Variety of Sound is a little site with lots of excellent plugins such as FerricTDS. BONUS: You can get the DLL's directly with no installer. Give it a gander

Xcluisve Audio has a pretty awesome free sample pack that is great for hip-hop, it's pretty huge, and the sounds are pretty good out-of-box

Oh, and BTW. Poleroyd, Leche, and Etorna_Z have all released packs through Hugsylvania
Peace, love, and good wifi m8s
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