Actual "free" Vst's, samples, and such

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Do you have beef with misleading "free" stuff?

It's all the same to the clam

Check them out, HIGH QUALITY Samples (horns, saxophones, drums,...) for FREE!
The only downside of this is you have to convert them into WAV to play them (they are in mp3), and you have to give them credits (Creative Commons Attribution). Hope I helped you!
Half on-topic: Are there any decent alternatives to Kontakt when it comes to .nki-files?
Okay guys it's 2018. :D
Lets see if we can find, more good trustworthy sites etc, to add to this list. :D
found something here: ... ins-616807

but i haven't tested anything.

tx16wx does not work properly in lmms sadly, and a well known free sampler. (mentioned in: )
Oh yeah! 8-)
And up this goes.
Hiiii Guys,,,,, Who can forget Nando Florestans site. :)
I stumbled on Nando's site a few years ago, when I was an Lmms newbie.
He definitely has, some of the best sounding free SoundFonts ever. No joke!

I definitely recommend to everyone, to check out his Ahh Choir SoundFont.
That thing is really cool, especially when you press multiple keys at the same time and try to make chords.
Or when you mix it together, with other Choir soundfonts etc, you get really epic sounding choirs.

Now all I have to do, is find more epic sounding choir sounds/soundfonts, to mix with this one.:P
Thx for sharing, I found many good recources in comments, i know good site with samples too - ... ple-packs/
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