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Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:32 am
by Gps
I have been trying for a while to make some hip hop beat.

Its still work in progress, but I got the basics done.

A better piano vst would be nice though, this one has a bit of a weird echo.
And I need to go look for a few sounds which are much closer to the original.

I am very curious if people recognize, what I covered. Especially on this forum, were I don't expect to find much hiphop fans. ( on a site note, I don't like what is called R&B these days, at all.)

The final version will have no rap in it. I want to add some strings, and I am thinking of making one number out of two hiphop numbers. There is another one, with a piano in it, I really like.
Dr Dre - still dre.

I hope posting hiphop wont get me banned. ;)
Just kidding of course, but I know people who hate this type of music, but maybe if I don't tell its hiphop, more people will like the final version.
I can listen to this track for hours, I love that piano, even if its repetitive.

And I can have lmms play along, with the original song for the entire duration.
Bass-line and piano 100% in sync, although the original bassline, has a bit more stuff in it.
The sound cloud page has a link to the original.
I suspect the original to be made on a computer too.


Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:03 am
by tresf
Thanks for sharing!

I didn't recognize it (I'm only familiar with a few Ice Cube songs and this was not one of them). I can certainly see the resemblance. Keep working at it because creating an instrumental really helps learn the software as well as familiarize with the instruments. :)


Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:59 am
by Gps
I have already been fine tuning the chords used. And added echo to the piano. Its now more obvious, the first chord is a bit lower.

And I think I need to study zynaddsubFx more, but this was an piano vst I found, and its quite good.

4Front Piano Module. You cant do anything to the sound (inside the vst). But this was by far the best I could find. Two others did not load, and the one from dsk did not make me happy.

And also good to hear I am not the only person here listening to Ice Cube.
But I am most happy I finally made a good sounding hip hop beat. I used 3 kick/ bassdrum sounds, and the kicker, and then three different snares.

You might wanna check out the official video, if you have not done yet :P

Quote from intro movie
- but wasn't Compton a dangerous place before gangster-rap ?
-Wrong, Compton was a nature reserve for bunny rabbits.