Latest trancepiece from me

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What do you guys think? Its at least something I like, should I call it house / trance ?
Retro ? ;)

Only 6 min for a trance number.
The end makes me smile. No fade out. :P

I like to think there has been far worse, in the charts.

Synth1 presets <3 , there are a bleep load of them.
I have far over 50 banks. Not all have 128 presets though, but still.
There is prob no new sound to invent anymore.

And I love the sound of Synth1. Its prob my favorite, but since I finally got this 1,2,3,4 figured out.
Its prob time to learn more about synthesizers.

Reverb for the win though. Room size 11 of-course.
(11 because of a movie I once saw, two guys wanted an amplifier with an 11 setting. They said, there should be a setting after 10.)

I need to read that ZynAddsubFX manual I have. :(
Even for me the technician, boring stuff, and at first a chaos of knobs and settings.

Synth1, the mini moog vst, ZynAddSubFX and the Triple Oscillator, share a lot of knobs and settings though.
I have already noticed that part.

Any feedback appreciated of course. Should I learn how to mix ? Do I want to ?

Nobody ? Or did my post got overlooked because of the spam bots.
I hope somebody will say something :P
Your making great progress with your music. I like your new tune.
-where do you like your comments -here or 'there'..?
you are fine in key -Great!
great usage of panning!
@1:10 you should make something happen, you have a part where you 'change' and there you should add an effect -Dont go overboard, but something subtle, to indicate that here it changes, that is a 'trick' you will find in almost all electronica.
Also try to work with filters, and sweeps -again almost 'mandatory' :p in electronica
Thank you guys, I don’t mind either way, if the comments are here or on soundcloud.

Add an effect interesting. Good idea. :)
Finding an effect is not as easy as it sounds, but even with an first few failed attempt, its clear to hear why musikbear is right.

Its helps to hide the repetitiveness of a disco or edm song.

To quote somebody from nintendo:
Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive music."

But musikbear's feedback reminded of some thing I noticed, when listening to a disco mix.
Most or all of the songs, have something every 12 or 16 ? beats
I also noticed that a lot of the disco songs, have at least at the beat and bass line so to say, this extra da dum.when the verse ? starts.

I think I need automation, for the volume of the instruments.
Gps wrote: Most or all of the songs, have something every 12 or 16 ? beats
typically 8 16 24.. eg something every 8. bar, but also something else or added to it every 16.
'verses' are typically 32 bar
Gps wrote: I also noticed that a lot of the disco songs, have at least at the beat and bass line so to say, this extra da dum.when the verse ? starts.
Absolutely! A percussion effect pr 16. ao. 32. bar, is very common

Regarding 'finding effects' - You should try to create your own!
Try murder reverb on 'klonk-sounds' and get familiar with sfxr generator.
Here is incidentally how you make the well known 'uprising' effect from trance: (its old.. :)
Thank you, here is the latest version. As you can hear the effect still needs work.
Great vid, I have not used it though, wanted to fix other stuff first. But now, when I think the song is about finished, the effect is the last thing to do.

I like how the choir at first is relative soft, but in the end kinda takes over.
I am also happy about how the choir part is not just a copy paste. ( it almost starts to sound like real music ;) )

( at 3.05 a slight variation in the choir, and again near the end, this same variation)

Also happy on the slightly changed end, the last note is now a double note.
I also changed it a bit, so its less of a mess. ( still sounds a bit messy, but that's intended ) :)

Now I only need the effect, and somebody to plug my hit. :P

Its a bit faster too, I am now at 128 bpm. ( I also tried 130, but that was a tad too much )
I will have to look at this song some more. Mostly about volumes probably.
Your use of the choir, gave the music some more depth. Almost like what string cords would do.
Great Job !!

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